Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Loaded Itinerary

The times are crazy for all six of us as we experience a huge period of transition. As you are now aware, we are setting out on a huge adventure. We are finally making our way to Asia, to study the language. We'll be there for three years before coming home for a short while. While the initial steps of this voyage were taken what seems ages ago, we now are seeing pieces beginning to fall into place.

We've been doing lots of traveling, visiting family friends. We've had the opportunity to make many lasting memories over the last few weeks, and look forward to many more to come as we near the holidays.

In January, we leave for Virginia for two months. We will be in many classes/meetings up there learning what we might face as we deal with culture shock and other tools that will help us face a new part of our lives on the other side of the world.

Then, in April, we're headed to Vancouver! "But . . . wait," you say. Weren't we headed to Asia? Why yes, yes we were . . . and we still are. But neither of us (let alone the four kids) have ever lived in a city quite as large as the one we're going to live in when we arrive in Asia. This will give us a few months to live in a big city that's still in this hemisphere before we are completely immersed in Asian surroundings. Plus, we'll get to go ahead and start practicing our language because Vancouver has a huge Asian population!

We will then head to Asia in July.

So join us, all six of us, as we begin this wonderful adventure. Make sure you check regularly for new stories and pictures!

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