Tuesday, November 22, 2016


 We have been busy preparing for Thanksgiving and for the many opportunities we have to meet with people.  This little guy asked if he could go take a nap.  I said yes (thinking he wasn't serious) 2 hours later he was still like this.  He woke up in a very good mood :)
The neighbors above us on the 18th floor are renovating their place.  The workers accidentally locked the keys inside the house.  So, the management of our complex came with some security guards and asked if we would be willing to let them try to crawl through the window.  I'm not so sure I would have wanted to be the one nominated to climb the ladder and then pull myself up into the window, but I'm glad that they got in.
We went for a walk and saw fish being dried on racks.  I guess that explained the fishy smell in the air that day ;)
Pretty Girl
They just renovated and added a boardwalk by the beach.  It was really pretty.  We were the only ones on the beach because it was "cold" that day (69 for the day and then straight back up to 85)
We had some friends list for the day and walked around town with them.  Benjamin was drawing the entire time.  I had no idea that he was trying to draw a picture to give them to take back to their home.  I would not be able to draw and walk at the same time!
Since we had ONE cold day, it was time to get out the fall and winter clothes to see what still fits.  I have never seen one so excited that footsie pjs still fit!
I enjoy walking around the city when the schools are getting out.  The kids are always hungry when they get out of school, so they stop at the different vendors to by snacks.
These two crack me up.  It had already warmed back up to 78.  I was sweating just looking at them! But they were just as happy as could be.
Our friend, Winter, had a birthday.
Group shot :)
We got a kick out if the tiny forks to eat the HUGE pieces of cake!
Then all the girls tried to play this guessing game.
When we got back home their were two small boxes that had been delivered.  WE were not expecting anything.  It turns out that a friend in another city wanted to send a late birthday present to Katherine and Hudson.  11.11 is a BIG online shopping day here (very similar to our Black Friday)  So, it all made sense.
Katherine got a shark stuffed animal and Hudson a Nemo puzzle.
The kids had Chinese homework.  They had to draw a picture of the process of making a meal.  Katherine's meal was macaroni :)
While the kids were at their class, I went to the grocery store.  I BRIEFLY got excited about this find...then my hopes were dashed when I realized that the party mix pack flavors were Chicken, Seaweed, and Spicy.  3 more months until normal flavored junk food :)
I'm glad we got to see the "Super Moon" It was really bright and beautiful.  It is always hard to capture those things with a phone though :)
We also began preparing for the first of two Thanksgiving dinners.  The kids all helped make sugar cookies and did an excellent job!

The next day, Katherine finished her school a bit early and asked if she could make more cookies by herself.  I told her yes, if she could follow the directions on her own because I still had to work with the other kids and their school.  I was so impressed!  This girl made a batch of peanut butter cookies AND a batch of butterscotch oatmeal cookies!
It was time to take these two for another haircut.  We decided to try one more time.  Hudson asked if he could get spiky hair and Benjamin didn't want a haircut, but was giving in to his mother's request to get a trim.

He really LOVES his long hair!  I just needed them to style it a bit.
I was NOT expecting this when I asked for spikes hair (I even showed a picture of what he wanted), but this boy was so EXCITED about his new hair.  He strutted all the way home!
Here is their after picture.  Benjamin was not thrilled with his new haircut at all.  It's been 3 days and he is still mourning the loss of all that hair. (I think it looks nice though)
He wanted a picture of him "breaking the sidewalk with his foot"
And little brother followed him with a picture "punching the sidewalk"
This picture shows an answer to prayer.  I have really been praying for Regan to find some good friends here that are her age.  She had to take a make-up class on a different day than normal and it turns out that their are SIX girls that are all 13 and 14 years old in the class!  AND some of them are tall just like Regan!!!  They have swapped numbers and Regan plans to go to this class more often.
Since we had several people coming over for a pizza making class and for Thanksgiving dinner, we decided it was best to eat at McDonald's for lunch.  This cutie was happy that she got to sit right in between Mom and Dad.
Pizza Making Class!  They had so much fun!
Father and son mixing dough together...
...and sprinkling the toppings on.  Our first of many classes was a huge success!  We learned a lot from this one and now know some things to do differently next time, but it definitely went well.
Out for a stroll with some old friends
Pretty sunset over the city
Oldest and Youngest
We had such good students!  They listened (most of the time) :) and made some delicious pizzas!

Regan, Soey, and Wing
Our friend had a wide angle lens and was able to capture our Thanksgiving crowd!  40+ people drove down to our new city to celebrate with us! We truly have so much to be thankful for! It was a little crazy at times trying to feed all of those people, but the fellowship and fun was worth every second.  
Hudson, Regan, and Wing
Making bracelets (I love how wawas are so neatly positioned in the foreground.)
Lauren and Soey
Miu, Kelly, Lauren
Kelly, Soey, Miu, Hudson, Regan, Corry, Wing, Lauren, and Bonnie
Haha!  Hudson getting in a selfie!
We videotaped Jonathan making pizza before hand.  We intended to be able to play pieces of it on a tv screen to demonstrate some techniques, but the tv would not cooperate.  So I showed them on my phone as they needed to see things.

The turkey!  It barely fit in our toaster oven, but it worked!  It was gone so fast!
making mashed potatoes :)
Katherine helping (after soccer practice) to get the stuffing on the table.

I really like this one!  Wing is the only local that Benjamin has opened up to.  He talks with her and has fun with her.  I told her she must be pretty special if he willingly gets a picture with her and smiles a real smile! :)
I guess the boys like her because she is not afraid to be silly with them :)  Check out Hudson's face! haha!  We are now recovering from all the fun this past weekend and getting ready for one more Thanksgiving meal.  This time, just our family and a local family that we are getting to know.