Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Snake Bit

"You've been Snake Bit."  These were the words of our doctor the past week and a half when 4 out of 5 kids were sick.  To recap, we have had a little of everything...colds, coughs, nosebleeds, headaches, low-grade fevers, really high fevers, sore throats, croup, strep, diarrhea, mosquito bites that made huge wells, nausea, laryngitis, stomach pains resulting in a C-14 test, chest pains, sores in the mouth and lips, body aches, unable to breath resulting in breathing treatments at the hospital, and maybe something else, but I think that is it. It just seems never ending around here.  It started with Regan and Katherine and moved to Benjamin and Hudson.  Lauren has stayed clear for the most part.
So, what do you do when everyone has been sick for so long and you need a distraction?  You use the leftover fondant that was still in the refrigerator from the birthdays and give ti to the kids for edible play-dough.  You can see in the picture which two are still sick here (bottom two)
It wasn't long before this guy came down with it.  It hit him pretty hard.  Poor guy really couldn't breathe.  Thankfully, the medicines seem to be kicking in and he finally ate lunch today (although he skipped dinner)  Hopefully, the kids won't share with mom and dad!!
Getting a little fresh air...these two needed to get away from the sickness!
Benjamin is being a good big brother...teaching his little brother how to play Mario Kart.  Hudson now says (in English by the way) "Mom, can I motorcycle? Can I? I like? Yes? I like motorcycle." (insert huge grin and cute little face here)
Getting some energy out since his sisters were down for the count.

Helping with the laundry.

My little girls were SOOOOO excited this week to find out that there was a new billboard up advertising their kindergarten.  They BOTH made it on to the advertisement!  

I forgot that this was the day she had art class at school and gets out a little bit later.  She is just like her big sister in so many ways.  She loves art so much!
She came running to the door to show me her creation!

Since it was Friday and all my other kids were sick, Lauren's friend asked her over for a sleepover.  I thought it might not be a bad idea to limit her exposure (plus they have been begging for one for months)
She came home covered in mosquito bites.  The mom was so worried about Lauren because of the whelps that popped up.  I told her it was normal for Lauren, but even this one was a doozie on her arm!
My friend came over for dinner (she was forewarned about the sick house).  She wanted us to meet her boyfriend...a "meet the parents" of sorts ;)  (We approved)
The master chef Jonathan.  Never one to disappoint.  He always fixes such delicious food!
Group shot with all the "kids"  (some on the mend and some headed down the sick path)
A much needed blessing!!  We were able to get a new washing machine!  Finally, a machine that is not broken, cleans the clothes, and doesn't ruin them in the wash!  The kids were just as excited as I am.  It has been wonderful!  Not only can I fit 4 to 5 loads worth into this one machine, but I can now wash other big items like bed linens and towels with ease!

Lauren took over the dog walking responsibilities.
Actually, I'm not sure who is being walked, Lauren or the dog.
What else do you do to help bored kiddos who are starting to feel a little better, but still have little energy?  You make a blanket!  Ok, I know it's hot outside, but the kids use blankets year round, even if just to sit on top of it. This one is Hudson's blanket.
We also had a near crisis moment when the original sickling realized that she missed Bloom's birthday.  Oh dear.  It's a good thing we never made those sugar cookies for Easter.  Happy birthday to the bunny :)

Hudson and Charlie having a friendly play session.  Well, Hudson was loving it.  I think the cat was about over being taught the ABC's.
I'm not the only one enjoying washing clothes!

Since homeschool has been a lot of study about how bacteria and viruses affect our bodies...we decided to learn a little something more fun.  Tadpoles and frogs it is!  This was Hudson's first time to catch anything.  I had to put up both pictures because his super excited happy picture looks like he didn't catch anything.

So glad this girl is back to normal now!  She is a master tadpole catcher :)

My boys waiting to see Lauren's morning competition.  
Talk about not having in personal space or leg room!
And it begins.  We were watching from outside the gate because it was really just a competition between the classes...not for parents...but I just love to see everything they do!
Where's Waldo? ;)
These last two are picture of a waltz they did.  I had no idea that they had learned it, and they all did so good.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

They Love Each Other

 We got to spend some time outside playing together.  Usually Hudson rides his bike and the others roller blade.
 Hudson looks so big on his bike now.  He has really learned so much so quickly.  When he first started riding the bike, we had to put him on it, get him started, going up slight inclines, and help him when he got stuck on uneven ground or a rock.  Now, he hops on and takes help needed. Oh, and he has gotten fast!  (Hence the REALLY busted lip this week from a fall...his lip is doing better now, but still not 100%)  He will ride for hours if we let him :)
 He is such a big helper...sometimes more than we want him to be ;)  He is always wanting to help cook or learn how to do it.  He was just carrying on a conversation with his daddy learning exactly what to do next.  It was one of the cutest things ever, especially with those hands on his hips!
 I think I say this nearly every week, but this has got to be one of my favorites!  This is Lauren and her best friend from school (and little sister getting in on the hug).  Even after a full day at school together these two are always begging for more time.  Well, this hug was in response to the little girl's mom inviting Lauren over to their house for dinner and me saying yes.
 Of coarse, I had to get a picture of them leaving.
 Hudson loves taxis.  He was riding this little toy in the house when he told Katherine to get on that he was a taxi and could take her somewhere.  After she got off, he wanted to be paid :)  I am also amazed out how flexible kids can does she sit on the back like that?
Regan is so good with her little brother.  He was learning how to use a nerd gun, but needed Regan's help to get it ready.  Never a dull moment around here for sure.
 Katherine has "moved out" of her old room.  She decided that she did not want to sleep with the girls anymore and has claimed the art/school room as her own.  I told her that if she kept it clean I would consider it.  She has been sleeping on the floor for 2 weeks now and loving it.  We are working on a plan to give her a better sleeping space, but she is enjoying having her own space for quiet.  She made it official when she asked if she could decorate "her" door.  :)  She has always loved bunnies!
 This is the only time that I have seen Hudson lay down and watch a movie.  I guess falling off the bike and have a pretty sore lip will do that for you.
 The kids had taekwondo again.  Hudson really wants to take it now.  We will see if they will let him next semester.
 Sometimes I just smile to see my kids walking down the street.  I guess we are a site...5 kids, 4 uniforms, and 4 umbrellas.  I was taking pictures, too ;)
Hudson helped his brother take down the party decorations.  They had a good time doing it.  I have never heard so much laughing.  Hudson is finally able to smile a little here (his lip was still a little swollen...3 days later...ouch)

Monday, April 6, 2015

Easter Birthday

Happy 10th birthday, Benjamin!  What an amazingly talented and funny kid he is!  He has the best dreams and grand plans for life and I look forward to each new idea he comes up with.  When I asked him what kind of birthday he wanted (so that I had an idea of what kind of cake to do) he said that he wanted a Disney Infinity, Skylanders, or veterinary cake.  Hmmmm.  I'm not sure I got what he was looking for, but it worked out ok.  I had 2 Disney Infinity characters that I had saved from America for his birthday.  That is how I got away with calling this cake a Disney Infinity cake :)
 He enjoyed his cake and party.  We celebrated a day early because he wanted to have Easter as a separate day (but we saved a present for his "real" birthday anyways)

 Here is the birthday party crew on the way to play at the playground.
Jonathan fixed pizza...and again, it was delicious!
Easter morning.  
 Hudson's first Easter egg hunt.  It didn't take him long to figure out how to play the game.  He got a head start for the first 3 hunts and then we made him hang back with everyone else because he was finding the eggs to quickly :)  This picture cracked me up.  He was counting his eggs and telling me that he didn't have very many this time.

 My beautiful kiddos in their Easter outfits!
 One of our neighbors walked by while we were taking the pictures of the kids so I asked her to take one of our whole family.

 Selfies with Mommy :)
The kids painted some eggs and then we decided to paint our hands, too!

They are ready to go!  Lauren is so sweet trying to let Hudson know what is going on.  The other 3 were too excited.  He got a head start....they couldn't go until Hudson found the first egg, so they were cheering him on from the steps.

The hunt is on!
It makes me smile to see these two hunting eggs together.  Benjamin waited a long time for a brother :)
Trying to pass the time while Benjamin hid the eggs....and to keep little eyes from peeking too soon!
Not sure what he is saying hints? 
A little home school for Hudson.  He was working on the letter T.  He LOVES taxis so it was a perfect lesson.  Apparently, the taxi is supposed to be blue.
Finally got all my kiddos very first pictures together in frames.  The four on the left are one day old in the pic, the one on the right is 10 months old.  My sweet babies!
Also this weekend I went to the capital city to visit my friend in the hospital.  Her mom was having surgery and she didn't want to wait by herself.  On my way home I realized...OH NO! It's a holiday weekend. PEOPLE, PEOPLE EVERYWHERE!  I would have gone anyways, but I told Jonathan that next time I need to look at the calendar so that I am mentally prepared for the crowds.  This was ONE of FIVE lines that I waited in (or should I say herded through) to get a bus ticket home!
This little guy loves motorcycles!  He has been wearing a big motorcycle helmet around the house all day.  We used to have one before they changed the laws here.  Now we just have the helmet. :)