Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Easter Week

It has been a wonderful Easter week for us celebrating our Risen Lord!  We had a few days to just do things around town that we've been wanting/needing to do and enjoy the weather in our own backyard.
 It started out by our new friend, April, offering to cut the boys' hair (yes, both boys but Benjamin said no before and after shots) Hudson got his spikey hair that he's been asking for for months!
 I looked outside and saw my older two throwing ball (Regan with a glove, Benjamin bare handed)
 They enjoyed the tire swing.
 Hudson was more than excited that he got an Easter shirt! I just love that expression!
 We dyed eggs outside (because the weather was so nice) and I look over at Katherine's wind and she has her bunnies posed so they can watch us.  She is too funny.

 Here we go!

 Look at those cute little fingerprints on the egg! Four on one side and the thumb on the other
 I think this is by far my favorite picture from the day.
 Haha! parent selfie :)
 The winner of the coolest egg for the evening ;)
 On Saturday, besides having 4 games, the kids went to the community egg hunt complete with blow up slide and all kinds of fun things to do.
 They even saw the Easter bunny.  haha!
 The little petting zoo was a hit.
 I think these little black sheep were my favorite.
 Katherine liked that they had different kinds of bunnies there.  This one had the longest hair!
 Hudson said that this sheep was on a movie :)
 Katherine with the alpaca
 cute little thing
 Regan and Benjamin volunteered the entire 5 hours!  They did such a great job.  Regan never got a lunch break (her choosing) because there was always a line of kiddos waiting to get their face painted.  Don't worry...I took her some lunch to nibble on.
 Katherine requested her big sister. She knew what the wanted and knew Regan could do it!
 baby chick
 and a castle with a flag and tree (don't ask.  I have no idea why)
 The egg hunt!
 Free lunch!
 Katherine found the prize egg!

 Run Katherine!
 Hudson in his happy place.
 A bird pooped on Hudson's head at the ballfield. He laughed so hard that he started to cry. Yes, we went home and he got a good shower.  I'm just glad it happened at the end of the last game!
 I love how the squat has continued in America...even after the ballgame!
 Regan painted this picture for Emily's bathroom.  I think it's so cute!
 Hudson made Emily her very own Monopoly game because EVERYONE should have Monopoly.
 It is complete with all his own pieces.
 My two volunteers!  I love this picture!

 Easter baskets on Sunday morning
 About to leave for church

 Selfie while we waited for dad to come down the steps
 picture with dad
 one last family selfie
 After church
 It was a little windy, but such a nice day.

 Hunting our own eggs
 My old high school....and no, it did NOT look anything like this when I went there.  It's really nice what they have done!

 Granddad teaching the girls how to play pool
 My new haircut for Easter

 Hudson and his new glasses...they look very similar from the front, but the side view shows a little more.
Happy Easter everyone!