Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to School


 First Day of school is here!  Regan 4th grade, Benjamin 3rd grade, Katherine Kindergarten, and Lauren pre-K   We just started back today, so the rest of the blog is a few pictures from the past couple of weeks.

 We spent a week at my Dad's house.  We just relaxed.  We had a picnic at the park and the kids played outside every day.  It was great.
 They had these pretty flowers at the park. 

 The kids played hard all day and crashed at night. :)

 We got to see Brandon, Meaghan, and baby Tucker.  It was getting late, so some of my crew was already missing from the picture ;)
 The kids enjoyed playing a little Uno and Monopoly, too.
Regan and Granddad
Lauren learned to ride a bike with no training wheels.
And this picture was for Lauren.  She wanted a picture of Mommy and the rainbow bear.

Monday, August 12, 2013


 These two little girls just had their dream weekend together!  Jenny and I took the girls down to Atlanta to the American Girl store.  We booked a night stay in a hotel and the girls were pampered by the staff the entire time.  It was wonderful.  They loved that the room was all done up in pink and the dolls got their very own bed (which the girls got to keep).
 They went swimming, came back for showers, and were just starting to watch a little Disney when there was a knock at the door.  Room service brought cookies with pink sprinkles and cups a of milk for the girls and the dolls.  They tried to claim all the can guess which cookies they let the moms eat.  Yep, the little tiny doll cookies :)
 We went down for breakfast the next morning.  I was kindof expecting a cereal bar, but no.  We sat at nice tables and were waited on and the cook fixed waffles and pancakes and omelets and lots of fruit and other goodies. 
 We got to the store as it opened and it was a good thing.  They got a chance to look around for a little bit before it got crazy with lots of little girl and their dolls (and their tag-a-long parents).
 At the store, they even had a salon for the dolls.  Regan was very excited to get a new hairdo for her doll McKenna.
 After the store, we ate lunch at the bistro.  It was too cute to have the little seats for the dolls. 
Here is proof that we did come along on this trip :)
 We all went over to Auntie Em's place this week.  The kids have so much fun with her as you can see :)
 I just love this one. 
They had fun tracing everyone with the sidewalk chalk. 
 We were able to get together with several friends from our college days.
We had a wonderful time catching up.  I'm so glad for times like these.  :)

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Extreme Camp

 I have done it again....2 weeks worth of stuff in one blog!  We have had a week of catching up with friends and family and a week of the older two kids going to Extreme Camp while Grandmommy came to visit with me and the younger two.  This first picture is just a group of the kids' friends who got together to swim.
 I guess these two are best friends for a reason.  They showed up at the pool in the exact same swimsuit!

 We took a day just with our family and went to the Chimneys in the Great Smoky Mountains.  The kids had so much fun and wanted to know when we could go back.
 A little kid took this picture for us.  She did a pretty good job.
The kids discovered checkers and rocking chairs at Cracker Barrel :)

The Mountains
My kids find a dog to love on wherever we go.
Extreme Camp was just that...EXTREME.  The kids had a blast, but were exhausted by the end of the week.  This picture is them getting ready for the indoor skydiving.
Picnic Lunch at camp
 Jump Jam Indoor Trampoline Park

Regan zip lining

Benjamin zip lining
 Swimming with friends
 at Cracker Barrel
 Katherine wanted to get her ears pierced (I made everyone else wait outside, but they still had a good view)  Not even one tear.  She did great!  Lauren, however, has informed me that she is never ever ever getting her ears pierced. :)
 She got to pick out one pair of earrings for later.
 A day with Auntie Em was filled with Thai food, trampolines, tires swings, dirty hands and feet, and filled with good memories.  The two little girls had a blast.
 Jonathan and Emily
 The little girls chose Chick-fil-A....maybe with some influence from Mommy ;)
 Beautiful Sky
 The girls met their cousins for the first time.
 My mom and my Aunt Sandra (her sister)
 Benjamin thought this shirt was great!
 My friend bought me one of these fruit cups from Godiva.  It was SO good!  It has to be a new favorite of mine.
 Benjamin went to Puppy Zone.  He wants this puppy SOOOOO bad.  He has already named her Rosie and trying to talk someone into dog-sitting for a few years while we are overseas.  I really wish we could get her for him.  He is never happier than when he is with a dog.
 Regan and Grandmommy
 These two are LOVING having a yard to play in.  They have been spending hours outside. 
 I used to go here as a kid so I figured my kids needed to as well.  They have great ice cream!
 This was Regan at the indoor sky diving.  In her words: It was awesome!
 One of my favorite places. I can now check it off my to do list for America :)

 These are out of order....back to Kay's Ice Cream
They ALL enjoyed their double scoops!