Friday, July 28, 2017

American Culture 101

 How fun to see some friends that we haven't seen in awhile!  Katherine and Morgan (the two in the middle) have been friends basically all of their lives.
Here's the whole crew!  
 The next day we picked up our friends from the airport!  Yeah! We are so excited to have them visiting us!
 Regan rode in the car with me because we needed to leave the house at 3 am and I needed someone that could keep me awake.  I think we did pretty good!
The other girls were waiting expectantly outside our house for us to arrive.
 After the "tour" the kids decided to see how many hats that they could stack on top of Hudson. The did pretty good, but it fell pretty quickly.
 First meal in America is cause for celebration using our American flag plates :)

We all went bowling (since kids bowl free during the summer) and had a great time!

 We ended up having to get the breaks fixed, so we were stuck at bowling a little longer than expected. The kids didn't mind because Mommy gave in and gave each kid a few coins to spend. What a good big sister to race with Hudson :)
Such a beautiful girl!  My little photographer! :)

Rock City

 We all enjoyed the cooler temps in Rock City...and we enjoyed the bridge.
My baby girl
My big girl

 Benjamin and the eagle
Ms. Shannon bought all of the kids a souvenir coin from Rock City.  They were so excited!

 Regan, Yoyo, Lauren
 Benjamin, Katherine, Winter
Kelly, Katherine, Hudson
Xiao Jun, Kelly, Shannon

 Can't resist a selfie with this girl in front of the flowers.
 Fat Man's Squeeze
She can't wait to squeeze through!

 Lovers Leap

 Jenny and the girls came down for a visit while Jonathan and Benjamin went camping for the weekend.
The girls all wanted to make chocolate chip cookies. They were some of the best cookies ever! Why haven't we done this before now?

 Cracker Barrel...who can come to America for the first time and not eat at a Cracker Barrel?
 The TN Aquarium.  The girls weren't sure about the butterflies at first...
 ...but they soon became pros.
 Lauren was so excited to get this pretty butterfly to land on her.
 Best friends!
I was so excited that I finally got to see the octopus.  He was so fun to watch! They are fast little guys!
 What a handsome fellow.
 Haha! First attempt at a water fountain!
 Look at this cute flying squirrel!!! We not only got to watch him in action several times, but we all got to pet him!
 WE also saw a crazy colored lizard!
 This is one of my favorites! This otter was really showing off for Regan.
 Lauren was more than happy to get her ballet gear on and play with Sarah Ann.
 We had to get Icees after I saw how excited Yoyo was when she saw the machine.
 We took a quick trip to my Dad's and let Xiao Jun see "a small city" :)
 Since we were so close we drove to Amish country and bought some vegetables.

 We stopped to play at a park for a few minutes (literally because it was so hot)

 Benjamin decided it was too hot to play and would rather talk to Granddad.

 YEAH! We finally got Hudson's picture by "our road" :)

 A friend invited us all to go to Discovery Kids Museum. It was so much fun! Hammers, Nails, Sewing, Art, Music, and More.

 Benjamin said, "Now I am not afraid of bees!" long as they are behind glass.

 Alyssa and Regan made pillows
 Poor Yoyo got super wet and couldn't wear her shoes...looks like she didn't mind the piggy back ride. :)
 They are fascinated with the self checkout lanes!  They keep buying one thing and then decide to go back in and buy one more.
 Look at this girl! Her first camp!  I can't believe she is old enough for camp!
 I'm sure she will have a great time! I can't wait to hear all about it!!! (Ashley and Katherine)