Saturday, February 21, 2015

Making Memories

We have had all kinds of weather this February.  We spent the day at the park.  It was a beautiful winter day.  The sun was shining and the weather was very comfortable.  All the kids had a great time on the playground!
A few days later, we had snow flurries!  It was the first time Hudson had seen it.  I told the kids to try and catch them...Hudson didn't quite get it the first time around, but then caught on quickly that we wanted him to stick his tongue out :)
Silly faces with Auntie Em!!
We went bowling with Emily and Grandmommy.
Regan bowled over 100 for the first time.  Good job, Regan!
A little mustache action
Guess who got her ears pierced!!  She loves them!
She especially liked getting to pick out a pair of earrings to take back with us.
Someone has become an expert with the selfies.  He has also filled up all of the memory on the phone on more than one occasion with pictures and videos of himself.  I can't complain though :)
I had some happy kiddos because they got to see their best friends!  I am so thankful that they were able to drive over for a weekend visit!  Regan and Kayla (11 yrs, 5th grade) and Katherine (7 yrs, 1st grade) Oh and Sunny the dog trying to get in the picture.
My other roomie, Carrie, also drove over the same weekend. I was happy to finally get to meet her kids.  All the kids had such a good time together and we had our own little Valentine's party...13 kids between the 3 of us!
The girls also planned a surprise party for Jenny.  It was so sweet.  I also got to keep my reputation with the Moore kids for cutting big pieces of cake :)
Someone looks like his Granddad!!
Benjamin and Daniel having fun outside in the cold
Lauren making a snow angel...well, I guess it's actually a sleet angel.  She wanted to have Daddy's hat covering her face so that it wasn't getting in her eyes.
They had so much fun playing in the sleet, but man they got wet quickly!  They had to come in every few minutes to dry off and change clothes.
Here is Regan's snowman made of sleet.  That night we had freezing rain/ice.  This snowman was not budging from the car (and neither was the fort that they built in the driveway...SOLID ICE!
Hudson enjoyed exploring the snow.
Katherine enjoyed hunting for icicles .
This little guy got his first set of glasses!!  He is such a cutie!  He loves them. I guess when your first pair of glasses is a prescription of -2.50 in both eyes you are happy to see clearly!
My kids also got to go sledding for the first time (with this kind of sled).  Last time we were in the States they used a trash can lid, but every kid needs to learn to sled this way, too.
Can you guess what his favorite animal is???

Friday, February 6, 2015

Doctor doctor

In 9 days we have had 15 doctors appointments, including one surgery, and 2 other legal appointments.  I can't believe how many doctors we have seen and how much we have gotten done in such a short time.  I am looking forward to this next of right now, we have only ONE day with doctor appointments scheduled!  I hope it stays that way! 
Hudson really enjoyed driving at the grocery store. We didn't buy much and what we did buy would not be listed on the healthy chart, but it was fun :)  I was impressed that all of the cold thing were put in a different colored plastic bag to make it easier to find when you are putting groceries away.  I'm sure it's been around for awhile and nothing new, but I thought it was/is a great idea.
We did make a trip to the mall to get some needed things. One of the major things I wanted to get done was to take Hudson to Stride Rite and get him fitted for a good pair of shoes to help his feet.  He walked into the store wearing a size 4 and left wearing a size 7.  They look so good on him and he LOVES them.  He is already walking and running so much better in them than when we got him.
At the mall, the kids (with the exception of Regan) wanted to spend their money that they have saved at Build-A-Bear.  Lauren was dressed all in pink and ended up buying a pink kitty.
Benjamin chose a Captain American bear and dressed him as a Jedi.  Ha! That's my boy!
We finally found some shoes for Katherine.  We looked for several days and all over the place before we found a pair that fit her well AND that she liked.  These definitely look like her.
Hudson and his bear that he named Baby.
Jonathan and Hudson ready to cheer for Tennessee!  I am glad that Hudson loves orange :)
Hudson giving his fake pouty face at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital.  I really wouldn't blame him if it was real after all of the doctor's visit he had already had.
I couldn't have been more impressed with this hospital.  It was amazing.  Every person there was so friendly and professional AND catered to the kids. After Hudson got into his hospital clothes, he was given his car to roam through the hallways and play.  When it was time to go back to surgery, they actually just drove him back in his car. No tears. No anxiety. Just fun.
Katherine got her first pair of glasses and I got new glasses.
It's been pretty cold out so the kids have been spending more time inside.  They decided to have a contest to see who has the cutest stuffed animals.  The prize ribbons are waiting to be awarded.  They have delayed the judging until Katherine has her contestant ready :)
This is one happy girl.  I am so proud of how hard she has worked to earn her iPad.  She has earned her 1,000 stars for reading books.
Auntie Em has arrived!!! Let the fun begin ;)
Regan is officially taller then her Auntie Em.  We decided to measure Regan after this picture and she is now 5' 5 1/2"
Group selfie.  It's missing Benjamin, but he was not wanting to be in pictures today.
Katherine getting some snuggle time in before bed.
Lauren and Hudson working together on the alphabet puzzle.