Saturday, August 22, 2015

Haircuts and Surprises

It was fun taking this crew for haircuts.  Katherine didn't want a cut so she just got it washed (that's why my kids love getting haircuts anyways...they wash and massage your head forever)  This is our after picture.

This was Benjamin BEFORE his haircut.  They cut about 2 inches off.  I couldn't believe the pile of hair on the floor :)  My only instruction was, "He wants to keep his hair long."
I thought they did a good job "keeping it long" but making it to where I could see his eyes again.  Regan's hair look really good now.  he needed a trim badly.  It looks so much healthier.  Lauren likes going to get haircuts because they always try to blow dry her hair straight.  I'm just glad all those curls keep coming back. Regan's hair keeps getting curlier and we get more and more comments about how those two look so much alike.
This is one of Gracie's favorite activities...watching The Avengers on Regan's iPad.  All Regan has to do is turn it on and she comes running.  It is very cute.  I didn't believe Regan when she said the cat can pause it and adjust the volume, but I witnessed it myself. She did both of those things (while trying to catch the bad guys of course) while I was taking her picture.
Lauren and Katherine spent the day at one of their friend's house.  They had a doctor kit and stuffed dolls that they were making better and then they made a mess with water on the balcony.
I came back from picking up Regan from her taekwondo class to find a BAT on the balcony where I normally park my bike!!  I took a picture and then waited for the bat to leave.  It finally left when the sun was setting (makes sense).
The kids have really been enjoying summer.  These two have been coloring in some new books that they got over the summer.  I was actually surprised at how patient Lauren is being with the book.  She saw it at the bookstore and wanted to get it.  It is called The Secret Garden and has lots of intricate garden pictures to color.
I don't often see an actual sunset.  There were several these past few days that reminded me that the skies are not always blah here.
Here are the cookies that the kids helped me fix.  Peppermint Kisses and sugar cookies.  I only had a few Kisses so the rest were just covered in sprinkles.

And then we had the surprise of the year...Katherine go a birthday package EARLY! :)  She was so excited.  

Then she spent the next several hours working on her gift.  She gets to make her very own blanket.  It is still a work in progress.
Jonathan treated the kids to snow cones this week.  They are huge fans! :)
Another beautiful sky.
Lauren finished up her swim class. She did great!!
Hudson and Lauren staying in the shade.  I guess Hudson is being the gentleman and holding the umbrella for his sister :)
Hudson finished up his summer art class.  Here is his elephant (for you Auntie Em) ;)
Jonathan took Hudson to ride bikes (and take some selfies of coarse)  He looks just like his daddy.
Apparently, this little guy was thirsty and "needed a Starbucks"  Hmmmm.  :)
Just waiting for the wedding to handsome boys.
Katherine and Daddy
I have to say this had to rank up there with the cutest flower girl and ring bearer EVER!  This little girl would take one step and then throw two or three petals over her head and into the air (REALLY cute!) I think the ring bearer was supposed to hold her hand (in theory) but her hands were busy throwing the flowers.  So he did the next best thing and held her dress.  What happened next cannot only be described if you saw a video (I wish I had one)....I saw it coming because the little girl did not like him holding her dress. He responded that it was ok and then the biggest, tiniest fight broke out...feet were kicking and arms were flying.  It thought I was watching AFV...not even sure if that show still exists.

Regan and Daddy

The bride being walked down the aisle by her father.
Lauren and our good friend Soey
This little guy discovered building blocks and the train track this week.  I was a happy camper.  It is not an easy task to keep him interested in one activity.  He likes to change constantly, but these two things kept him entertained for awhile.
We took a day off and went swimming with friends.  It still is hard for me to get the kids consistently to a pool because all pools are close when we want to swim (from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm) We made this and early swim :)

Monday, August 10, 2015

Just Everyday Life

We finished up some delicious watermelon this week.  The kids had picked out "a prize winning melon" and they did an excellent job...delicious.  It was the sweetest one that I have tasted.  Katherine helped to cut it up and serve to our guests that night.
Regan chillin' on her bed with a VERY playful little kitten.  When she wants to be loved she is super sweet, but when she is in the mood to play, there is no stopping her :)
Katherine has been waiting and waiting and waiting to see a full moon.  She watches for it on her calendar, but every time a full moon comes around, we seem to have rain storms or something.  It was finally a clear night.  It was just the two of us.  It was really big and bright and she took pictures of it on the iPod.  We didn't stay out too long because she had a headache, something that is becoming more frequent...hoping she doesn't get that from her mama. I'm hoping it's been due to some late nights.
"See, I'm so sweet."

We went to McDonald's for lunch.  I asked for salt and this is what they gave me!  I sure hope they didn't think I was actually going to use all of that :)  Outside the kids wanted a picture by the box of chicken.  You can't really read it in the picture, but it says "Caution. Contents may contain bones." So they thought they should be in the box.
Growing up!  He was SOOO excited for his very first class and very first name tag! :)
He is taking an art class for 3 weeks this summer.  It is every day, Monday through Friday. He did great until Friday when he cried.  He had gone to bed late the night before so I think he was just tired.  He's never had to go to a real class before. It's been good for him.  He's learning more than just art.  He's learning that we will always come back for him.
His masterpiece.

Regan and a handful of others were allowed to test early for the next belt.  She was so excited! Most of the "early testers" were the lowest two belts.  She was one of four higher belts.  She is now on a mission to study and work hard to get the next belt at the end of the summer.
My blue belt girl.
Benjamin went to the test to support his sister.  His coaches almost didn't recognize him with the long hair and the hat :)
She didn't find out until she was DOING the test which kick she had to use to break the board.
I was impressed.
Lauren (far left) in her swim class.  Little miss social was playing under the water with her little friend every time the coach turned his back.  She is getting better at swimming though and having a great time in the process!

So this is my cultural shot of the week.  If you go into any bookstore here you will find people sitting on the floor everywhere reading books.  They just come and hand out and read books and then go home.  I turned around and found my baby girl fitting right in :)
Silly girl...wearing all her belts at one time...she's running out of space on her body. haha!
Oh yes, and my second cultural shot...five girls under one tiny umbrella hoping NOT to get a tan.  I particularly like the girl wearing a mask and pants and a jacket in this stifling heat.
This was the day that Hudson cried in class.  They asked if he wanted his sister to come sit with him. Lauren was happy to get a free art class out of it :)
More cultural shots...a lady drying her food in the little ally.
This is one of Lauren's good friends in her dance class.  Lauren takes ballet and has been asked to take another type of dance in the fall.  We are thinking about it.  This little girl is in the other class, too.

It was so sweet because during their break time the little girl was teaching Lauren how to go down into a bridge position.  Lauren had not learned it before, so the little girl was telling her that she would not let her fall.  I love the second picture because once she got into the position, the little girl went as far off to the side as she could and told me to take Lauren's picture.

Yes, I have seen many more on a bike than this, but for some reason this one just stood out to me.  Maybe it's because the girl and the mom are actually on the same seat. It does not look comfortable to me.
OK. If you have ever been to anywhere in Asia you will know that motorcycles are everywhere.  Well,  the motorcycle taxis here will rest on their bikes while they are waiting for someone to come get a ride.  I had to take this picture.  Hudson said he was one of those motorcycle drivers and he was waiting for someone to need a ride.  Lauren came and asked to go somewhere and he just took off :)
Love this girl.  She wanted me to take a picture with her sunglasses on her face and on her head to see which she liked better.  (notice it's night time outside)  Oh, the kids are so much fun.  They keep us busy, but full of fun and great memories...even in the normal every day activities.