Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Perfect Thanksgiving Week


It was the perfect start to the week.  My big sister, Kim, got married to Jay!  I was not able to fly in for the wedding, but I was so thankful for the technology today that allowed me to "attend" the wedding anyways.
The wedding was at 2:00am our time.  The internet connection was great and everything was clear.  I'm not sure who held the iPad and carried me around, but they did a great job! :)

Parts of the wedding I had to rely on pictures from my family to see the other parts of the wedding.  The reception was a broncos theme.  Instead of people signing a guest book, they signed a broncos jersey with my sister's new last name on it and the number 15. That's what is in her hand as they are leaving the church.

They started off their honeymoon with a broncos game! :)  So glad that they were able to make the flight.  Most of the flights were cancelled because of weather and they got the last 2 seats on the last flight leaving.  
Lauren has been asking when she can go visit her old teachers at the kindergarten.  We talked to the teacher and arranged a good time to visit.  Katherine wanted to come too and try to see her teachers and Hudson was wanting to go as well.  This picture made me laugh....shows their personalities on the way to the kindergarten....Katherine standing straight, Lauren posing her legs to look extra pretty, and Hudson just hangin out with his peace sign in the air. Oh, and notice Lauren's outfit...this was REGAN'S first day of kindergarten outfit when we lived in the States! :)
The security guard was so excited to see Hudson again!
I didn't catch the reunion well on camera.  It happened to so fast that I missed most of the photo ops, but I snapped this one before I left.
I say before I left because Lauren didn't come with me.  Her teacher wanted to take her out to dinner and bring her back later that night.  Lauren was beyond excited.
Water was turned off for our complex one day this week, so we took the opportunity to go out and eat at the Japanese restaurant.
I just love watching them down these noodles and soup.
Benjamin...not a soup guy, not a noodle guy, and not usually a picture guy.  I got caught.  I had everyone else eating their only seemed right to get him, too. :)  Oh, that is ranch he is putting on his fried rice.  We brought it from home because that's the only way he will eat it.  He loves ranch (like his daddy)
One of our little friend's had a birthday party.  All this good food and Katherine didn't eat the entire time.  Why?  Because they had an Xbox Kinect and she danced for a solid TWO HOURS!  I kid you not.  She was the talk of all the adults there trying to figure out how long she could go.  I might have to remember this system for the future....hmmmmm.
The birthday girl opening her presents.
Jonathan made our oranges look like little pumpkins :)
We were out and saw some big bunny ears advertising something, but saw it as a perfect opportunity to give Katherine what she has always wanted...hehe.
Hudson wanted to write a not to Santa with his list of want he wants for Christmas (he still has no clue what he's doing, but he hears his little big sister talking about it a lot recently)  Regan helped him with his list....a new door, a new house, a new TV, a new teddy bear...everything said "a new" and most everything on the list was something he already has :)

This is the feast that my sweet husband managed to fix for Thanksgiving lunch....turkey, stuffing, broccoli casserole, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes and gravy, and his mom's famous apple squares....mmmmmm.
I helped by setting the fun plates and napkins and fixing the drinks, which ended up being autumn colors...tea and black cherry kook-aid.
Our attempt at a Thanksgiving selfie :)
Katherine and Lauren wanted to eat the turkey's leg....Katherine cleaned her's to the bone!
and this one tried :)

I had to run to the store real quick on Thanksgiving morning and took Hudson with me.  When we got close he says, "Can we have coffee?"  When I said I would get a hot chocolate, he said ok and then added that he was still hungry and would like something to eat.  Since it was Thanksgiving and I had not had anything to eat or drink all morning, it seemed like a good excuse to have a date with this little guy :)
The rest of the day was movie day....Christmas movies all day long :)
We did take a few pictures because we were SOOOO THANKFUL for the beautiful COOLER weather!!!  Thanksgiving day it was 60-72!!  I want to get more pictures, but for this set, they chose their outfits.
 Benjamin 10 years old
Hudson 6 years old
Lauren 6 years old
Katherine 8 years old
Regan 11 years old

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Scenic Views and Soey's Wedding

 A friend of mine and her coworker went to the same place we visited last year.  I have to say that their picture were amazing!  I just had to share some of the beauty you can find in this country!!

 For art this week, the younger ones had to find leaves outside and use the leaves to make a picture.  This was Katherine's...haha! Big Bird! :)
 My friend is a teacher at a local elementary school.  This is 3rd grade doing "planks"  This is where we live.
 So our good friends got married this weekend and Lauren was the flower girl and Regan was a bridesmaid.  So, the night before the wedding, all the girls went down to the gate to get a good hair wash.
 Notice that two of my beautiful girls are in their pj's :)  Yes, I joined in on the hair washing because my head was hurting and the head massage just sounded so good at the time...girl bonding :)
 It's wedding day and everyone is getting dressed up.  Hudson gives the BEST smiles when he is with his big sister.  She is so good with him!
 My handsome boys
 I had to leave with these two early to go get their hair done.
 The mall was still closed but the hair place people met us at the gate and we got to enter with all the employees.  It was crazy because all the lights were out, AC off, and no electricity...had to walk up the escalator.  I was so glad that UniQlo had their lights on.  It helped them see what they were doing
 The final hair styles.  So cute!  I decided to buy the clips because we can come back any time and as often as we want to get our hair fixed for free.  Katherine wants to go tomorrow! ;)
 This little guy was sooooo excited that all of our friends were also all dressed up. He kept looking at different guys and saying "Look! We match! Suit. Suit."
 They were glad to have Jonathan around to tie the ties.  I loved this one because this little friend was studying the process intently.
 Another good friend at the wedding....Her boyfriend said that they "borrowed the child for the picture"  There wedding will be in the spring.
 picture perfect spot
 my crew
 flower girl and flower boy :)
 It might be a beautiful wedding, but you can't take the fun out of the kiddos.  I'm not sure what she was doing, but at least it was before the wedding started and not during :)
 My beautiful young lady....growing up so quickly!

 pictures after the wedding...I think the flower boy was done :)
 the wedding party
 Prince and Soey
 Jonathan and his girl at the reception
 I LOVE these candid snapshots...when I get a picture that no one notices I am taking.  You can just see all the love in this picture...big sis talking with little brother while holding on to little sister's (Lauren's) backpack.
 Our family with the bride and groom

 I felt like this girl didn't get much special attention this week since she wasn't in the wedding, so an ingrown tonal was a perfect excuse for a little pedicure for this girl.  She feels much better!
This was my favorite of the big kids art.  They had to written their names in cursive and then cut it out so that they had a mirror image attached.  After that they had to decide what it looked like to them and add color to make the picture...we called it creative name art.  Benjamin made an ox and Regan made herself! HA! Love them both!!