Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Lot Has Happened!

Wow!  So much has happened in the past month that there is absolutely no way to cover it all.  So, here are a few of the highlights to catch things up from the last month!  Regan and Granddad had a joint birthday party.  Granddad tried to let Jonathan join in the fun since his birthday is only four days after Granddad's but Regan would not share her Granddad ;)

We celebrated Christmas all over the place!  It was fun to be able to hang around with my sister and her kids for a few days. 

Santa Claus was very smart this year.  All the kids got a suitcase for Christmas!  Katherine and Lauren started "packing" theirs right away.  Don't worry.  We repacked it for them to get more stuff in.

Mamaw and Papaw were in the States as well.  We literally got to see all of our family on both sides at some point during the holidays.  This was one of my favorite pictures.  Thanks Emily for sending it to me!

The day after Christmas was Jonathan's birthday.  We celebrated by going ice skating in Market Square.  I'm really glad that the REALLY cold air had not hit yet or we would not have been out there. 

We then came back to eat this DELICIOUS chocolate and raspberry cake that Emily made for Jonathan's b-day.  I will definitely have to try and get this recipe.

Other birthdays? Yes, there were.  Daniel celebrated his 7th birthday and Kayla celebrated her 10th.  Birthday parties, cake, sleepovers, presents, and lots of fun!  Jenny and I have been friends since 6th grade.  We were roommates in college together and both got married and started having kids.  This was actually the second take (the first one was missing a kid and we didn't notice until a few days later...oops)   Lots of love in that picture

Benjamin got his wish for snow....TWICE!  We were so thankful that the second snow was not too much so that the Moore's could come over.  The kids said bye several times, but didn't really want to leave each other. 

And this is what Sarah Ann thought about saying goodbye.  Well, I keep telling myself that.  She just really didn't like Aunt Kelly that day and would cry every time I touched her :) 

We drove to Atlanta for our flight out and got to see everyone one last time.  The kids enjoyed playing with my brothers kids.  These three girls were inseparable.

We left my sister's house at 4:30am on Friday and arrived at 11:30 pm on Saturday.  It was a long trip with all four kids getting sick at some point, but we were all glad to get home.  We were also really glad that Grandmommy, and  Granddad and Mammy could come to the airport to see us off (and help with all the suitcases!)

We got back and had one VERY happy Doggy Bones and one VERY happy Benjamin!

After a week being back, I think we have finally beat jet lag.  We have gotten light bulbs replaced, bought batteries, gone to the grocery store, reconnected our internet, had them come twice to fix our internet, unpacked, called electricians, connected with old friends, and so much more.  I will try to get back on our normal schedule of weekly blog updates!