Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It's Been a Busy Week!

It’s been a busy week!  I’m so glad to have little helpers!  These two worked on some dishes and made my life a little less stressful.
 We needed to make a trip to Hong Kong.  We’ve been before, but this is the bluest I have ever seen the water there.  Usually we say the photos we see are photo shopped, but I guess it can be blue on some days ☺
 Riding the ferry to a different part of Hong Kong.
 While there, we stopped at a park to let the kids play for a bit.  I was sitting on a bench when I hear Hudson say, “Mom! Take my picture!  I made it to the middle!”  It was a maze, but it didn’t come up very high on Regan…I think Hudson had a little advantage being with his big sister.
 Mamaw and Papaw came for a surprise visit.  They decided to surprise Katherine for her birthday.  I should have had my camera ready when they walked in the door.  My house was so quiet when they walked in the door and every jaw was literally on the ground.  Complete shock ☺  Charlie enjoyed the extra attention from Papaw ;) 
 We did a lot of walking…found some new streets and stores and crossed the bridge over one of the rivers going through our city.
 There are many foot bridges, too.  I really love them right now…they are so pretty with all the flowers.  The kids were racing to the top.
 Haha! I love the look I got from them when I said, “Wait! Let me take your picture.”  They reluctantly stopped for a second for a picture.
 A Sam’s Club opened in our city.  We went to check it out.  I was hoping to find some kind of treasure for Katherine’s birthday, but it’s NOT like America.  It was expensive and didn't really have what I was hoping for It was fun to go to though.  Parts of it reminded us of the States.
 Like the huge shopping carts and the free samples!  Although many of the samples were to a more Asian taste, which my kiddos loved.
 The decorating continues.  Since we don’t really use the tv, we decided it was the perfect frame for Katherine’s happy birthday sign.
 On one of our many walks, we say some boats bringing in their catch from the ocean.  They just dumped all of their live shrimp on the sidewalk and the two ladies started scooping up which ones they wanted to take to the market to sell.
 I love watching them come in with their catch.  It’s so interesting. And how in the world do they control those makeshift “mattress rafts”? I think I would most definitely be in the water.
 The shirt is so appropriate.  Just about anything makes her feel like dancing!  That’s how I know she is happy.
 Photo op by the entrance to what we refer to as “exercise island” (no cars allowed)
 We went down by the beach and started digging a hole.  Yep.  No castles requested.  The kids just wanted to see how big of a hole they could dig.
 Mamaw and Hudson checking out the water.
 One of my favorites from the day.  He figured out how to sift sand and was so fascinated with it.
 Once he figured that out, he was completely occupied until we had to pull them away to go home.

 I wasn't kidding about the hole.  I think the 2 lifeguards and the guy that picks up trash all day long on the beach were contemplating if they should tell us that it's just a rumor that you can dig all the way to America.

 Too funny.  She buried herself and I made the comment that she was going to be all wet.  "Why?" she asks.  Because it's wet sand. :)
 Success.  Don't worry.  we completely filled in the hole before we left.
 Benjamin dug so deep that he hit water.
 So cool!  They have just added a foot bath AND a bathroom by the beach!  So now, I can make them wash their feet before we go home :)

 Katherine got a birthday package!  Glow in the Dark Fun Lab...
 ...and hair chalk!

She disappeared right after she opened the gift and I found her in the bathroom already hard at work with her masterpiece.

So cute.  And it washed out so easily.
 And the decorations continue.  Mamaw brought a HUGE balloon from Malaysia.  The girls turned it into an octopus hanging from the ceiling.
 Let the cake decorating begin...
 I wasn't finished, but didn't want any kids to get a sneak peak of the cake, so Jonathan made this sign and we covered the inside with paper towels ;)  In case you can't read the sign it says "Don't Look! The milk is in the other refrigerator --->"  Yes. We have two refrigerators and I am very thankful for that. One is ours and the other is the landlord's.  (but together they might be almost as big as a standard fridge int the States)
 Almost finished...
 Just added the candles and seaweed and the Happy Birthday :)  One of my favorite cakes so far.
Minion party hats magically transformed into sharks :)
 My youngest and oldest wearing the shark party hats.
 Katherine and two of her good friends who came from different cities to celebrate with her
 Lauren, Winter, Yoyo
 The party crew :)
 decorating sugar cookies (sea turtles, sea horses, and dolphins)
 That's a lot of sugar!
 so appropriate :) the tickle master
 Benjamin bought her balloons!
 Hudson started taekwondo again.  He's taking IN our complex.  It's so convenient!
 Benjamin is getting pretty good on Regan's swivel board (I guess that's what you call it...I really only know the Chinese name for it)
 Some of the finished cookies
 The party has moved outside...run off all of that sugar!
 Mamaw and Hudson waiting for Regan and Lauren to finish their class.
 Ready for bed, sending emails to Auntie Em, and a family movie....don't be confused by Lauren's robe...it is 93 degrees outside!!!!!  I was about to have a heat stroke just looking at her!
And finally...Katherine's main gift from us...."Gillies" as she calls them.  She has looked at these fish at the store for weeks.  I'm so glad she likes her little tank.  It's very relaxing to watch them on her school desk.