Monday, March 29, 2010

Sweet Times in TN

So, aparently after trying for two days to upload some pictures, it is not going to work. This week it will be with no pictures.

We have had a great time with family and friends this past weekend.

On Thursday, we ate dinner with Jonathan's grandmother and sister at Cracker Barrell. We then got up early on Friday and went to the Moore's house. Benjamin celebrated his "non-birthday" (he turns five on April 5th, but he really wanted to have a party with his best friend Nathan) It was a super hero party. The boys had fun being boys and the girls talked and played in Kayla's bedroom most of the day. That night after the kids' bedtime, we had a little girl's night out which was quite fun.

On Saturday we spent the day with Auntie Em and had another birthday party for Benjamin and Lauren combined (Lauren will be 1 on March 31st) The kids got pretty dirty between playing on the playground, drawing with sidewalk chalk, playing in the grass, and cookie cake. Auntie Em's bathtub was a confirmation of how dirty they were :)

On Sunday, we went to our home church (Calvary) and worshipped with our church family. It was really good to see everyone one last time before we hop on the plane. After church, we headed to the "fire place" also known as Wasabi's. The food and the fellowship was great.

I really wish we could share some pictures with you. Hopefully, we can get it to work next week. We just didn't want people to worry :) So, here is the best we can do for now. Have a great week and a great Easter weekend!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Washington D.C.

This week our big trip was to DC. We had a wonderful time, but I think I'll start with some quotes from my kiddos BEFORE we left.
Regan-"I don't want to go to DC because I don't want to see President Obabma's dog" Me-"Trust me. You will NOT see his dog. He's very well protected and there is a big fence around the house." Regan-" but dogs can get out of fences mom." Me-"Not this one!"
Katherine was excited to get to see "The house. The white one." The kids were trying to keep the sun out of there eyes...Katherine wore Jonathan's hat and Benjamin wore a friend's sunglasses for the picture.

We went to Chinatown while we were there and enjoyed looking around and talking to people.

I had fun seeing all the dual signs in Chinatown. Everything was written in characters and English.

We ate at a local Chinese restaurant and the kids ordered chicken fried rice. Benjamin wanted to know why there were worms in it. I guess after seeing all the worms last week, that was what was on his mind. I did convince him that they were not worms and he tried it (and liked it).

Jonathan found "his" deli there. I also could not believe how many Starbucks there were. I believe there was one on almost every corner (or so it seemed). We must have looked like tourists while we were walking around because this older gentleman with a greyish beard asked where we were trying to go. He pointed us in the right direction and when we left Benjamin said with much excitement, "Was that the President!?"

Before we went on the trip, we decided to invest in another stroller. I was very thankful for it. I'm not sure we would have been able to enjoy the trip as much with two sleeping kiddos and trying to watch the other two.

We only had time to go to one of the Smithsonians, so we let the kids choose which one they wanted to go to. They chose the Air and Space Museum.

This was my favorite room because of the mural in the background. The kids enjoyed other parts of the museum more (ie the hands on things and going inside the aircrafts), but I had them pose for a picture for me anyways.

This is a group of Korean tourists that we met. We had some good converstions with them, and they asked if the kids could be in a picture with them. I took Lauren out of the stroller and handed her over to one of the girls. All the girls started screaming because they were so excited to hold her and then they swarmed around her. Yep, you can guess what happened next. Lauren started screaming and crying. She would have been just fine with them holding her if they had scared her to death. It was comical though.

They returned the favor and took our picture as well.

Lauren hanging out in the mall.

We were just taking a little break from all the walking. They were just too cute sitting so close together.

We took this pic for Regan. She really wanted to see the National Monument.

I took this picture just outside of our apartment one morning. There was fog hovering over the lake and the sun was rising and this tree just caught my eye.

Regan was a little silly this night before bed. I love the smile I got though.

This is how Lauren typically rides in her stroller...standing up.

I'm not sure what she thought about the grass, but she studied it for a long time.

So, we end this very long blog with a sweet little smile .

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Family Night

This week we decided our family needed a family night. We needed to get out and do something fun. We decided to find a bowiling alley. It was really nice and we had a blast. Jonathan and I didn't have the best scores, but it's ok :) Lauren had fun watching.
Benjamin did a great job. He has always enjoyed bowling and this time was no different. We went to McDonald's afterwards and got the kids happy meals. When we got out of the van, Benjamin was so excited and came running over to me and exclaimed, "Did you know this was going to be such a fun trip for all the kids?" Well, yes I did know, but I'm glad I got to see the excitement over getting a happy meal :)

And Katherine, well it doesn't take much to make her happy. She enjoyed the bowiling as well and even did fairly well herself (with a little help from bumper lanes and the "ramp" she used).

The other piece of excitement that we had was "snakes". It rained several times this week and each time the walkways were covered with worms. Katherine thought they were snakes and they were "scary", but as you see above, she got over it eventually. They were fascinated by all of them, and it took twice as long to go anywhere because they had to look at each one.

Regan was a little more adventurous and picked one up. I have never heard so much laughter over a worm.

I think this is a funny picture. One of the kids left the fridge door open and Lauren just helped herself. I was quite amused.

This is all for this week. We have a busy week next week, including a trip to Washingtin D.C. We are very excited about all the things to come. We can tell you more in an email sometime!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

It's Finally Gone

Well, the last of the snow has FINALLY melted. We saw the last little patch melt on Sunday afternoon. Benjamin was a little sad that it was gone, but we ALL have enjoyed the nicer weather. We have been able to play outside many times this week and it has been a much needed leisure time. Lauren enjoyed the swings most of all. She seems so little and so big at the same time.
We also drove into town and went to Wal-Mart and BabiesRUs. The kids had a lot of fun. They each got some candy out of one of those machines that cost a quarter. Regan finally spent some of her birthday money as well (see pic above) She is my saver when it comes to money. She is also the queen of tent making. She likes to make them out of anything she can get her hands on. So when we were at the store and she saw this collapsable princess tent, her mind was made up. The kids have enjoyed playing (and napping) in it.

A funny story: I was tucking Regan into bed and she was wanting me to scratch her back. So, I did. In case you didn't know, she is the master staller. She preceeded to ask for many things including for me to scratch/rub her feet. In case you didn't know, I don't like feet (unless they are baby feet, then they are cute) So, I told my staller that it was time for bed and I wasn't going to rub her feet. "Why?" "Because it's time for bed and you know I don't do feet." "Well, you should. Jesus washed people's feet and we are supposed to do what Jesus did." What can I say :)

Katherine is really enjoying being in school. I have been told that when we are not around that she does not act nearly as shy and actually talks to people. I'm not really surprised. It is the Katherine that we know. When we walk home from school she just talks away telling me all about her day.

Benjamin was actually sick for a little bit. We got a DVD of some Looney Tunes in the mail and he enjoyed watching those while he was out of commission. He was actually feeling better here, but could not go back to class because he had not been 24hrs symptom free. Overall, everyone has been doing great. It was a very busy week with school things and time has gone by quickly.
We are looking forward to seeing family and friends soon!