Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Easter, Birthdays, and More

 I call these guys my littles.  They take taekwondo with the kids and go to the school across the street from our house.  They come over each week to practice English with us.  They are so much fun.  Regan said that they love to show off their new skills at tkd class...the big kids in that class are amazed and can't figure out how they learned so much English.
 This girl was on cloud nine.  She got a package slip in the mail with her name on it. Well, sort of... the slip said KathennS...close enough.  She had to take her passport to the post office to pick it up.
 She was so surprised when we got there.  She actually had TWO packages!  One was from her best friend Emily and the other was from her pr partner, Missy Riddle. I think it has literally made her month.
 Hudson loves to draw pictures of cars and planes.
 Opening her surprise package...stickers...
 sour gummies...Look at that face!
 sour spray...
 Then she opened the one from her friend....
 How fun! (plus other stuff...candy and a notebook and pen and such....and a note that was just for her ;)
 Benjamin said that Scout was the Statue of Liberty.  Poor dog.  They got a haircut soon after this.
 Jonathan went on a date and found a sore called Chef's Depot.  I thought we might find some treasures.  It was more of a place for restaurants...but I think Jonathan had a little oven envy ;)  I told him it would take up the entire living if he got that, then I was going to get the mixer below...
 Haha! I wonder how many cookies this could make! :)
 This was on the menu...roasted whole cow. really?  That looks like a small cow.
 waiting on dinner
 The girls with the "main guy"
 This is Lauren's birthday card from Hudson.  It was too cute not to post :)
 Some of our little friends
 Katherine and I accidentally got off at the wrong bus stop.  It turned out good, though.  I haven't found a little flower area like this yet.  It was big, but it was fun (plus Katherine is my flower child)

 Lauren's real birthday arrived...she chose to eat vegetable soup for lunch and we gave her this T-shirt.
 We bought eggs and dyed them for Easter.
 They turned out really pretty this year.  Jonathan had the great idea of using these little disposable cups.  The eggs here aren't nearly as big as they are in the States, so they fit perfectly, and the colors were much brighter because of the small cups.
 Katherine was all purple
 It was a mess, but fun :)
 We had such a mess on the table doing the eggs that we didn't have a place for dinner.  The kids were very excited to have dinner and a movie (well, actually an episode)
 Much thanks to the Easter Bunny for filling the baskets with lots of yummy goodies that we can't find here!!
 Easter morning.  The girls were up early and ready to go....the boys, no so much.  Benjamin came out for the picture and then went back to bed.

 Outside for an Easter egg hunt.

 This little girl followed Regan around everywhere.  She was fascinated by the pretty eggs and couldn't figure out why we were hiding them. :)

 Tomb Sweeping Day...the day when people visit the graves and clean them and worship their ancestors.  They also spend lots of money on paper houses, cars, money, food, etc. to burn and sent to their ancestors.

 Regan and I had a Mommy Daughter date.  She loves Indian food and there is a really good one here.   She has not been to it before, so that's where we went.  We had a lot of fun just the two of us.

 The moon and sky was so pretty on Easter!
 A park that we visited
 A man making candy on a stick
 He made me a bunny rabbit.
 The kids went to Mian Mian's birthday party. (Hudson, Wei Wei, Niu Niu, Mian Mian, ?, Katherine and Lauren)
 They had all kinds of snacks that my kids love....especially the seaweed
 Can you tell it's his birthday!?!  He was so excited.  I think because he was hoping for a specific present ;)
 Opening his gifts
 This boy always loves money...he rarely spends any, but it just means when he finds what he really wants, he'll have the money to get it....or he'll keep saving because most things he wants are quite expensive...he has good taste ;)
 He said he got a hand for a present.
 He got an Amp for his birthday present that he had not opened yet :)
 Hmmm....he plays along well :)
 YEAH! He's wanted an electric guitar for awhile.  He played for about 5 hours straight after he opened it!

 Don't worry.  These aren't ours.  We just like to look at little animals wherever we go!
 Katherine was head over heels about this little bunny.
 I wonder if they would let me rent one of these little cars...haha!  Do you think we could all fit?  You can rent them for an hour at a time.
 Katherine got a card in the mail.  I didn't know they had forever global stamps!! That's so cool.
 The process of making Benjamin's cake for his party...

 All guys...Hudson, Jarrod, Stephen, Benjamin, and Isaac
 Isn't she cute! The girls dressed her up in so many different outfits.  I'm surprised they got any to fit her, but they were creative in making them fit.
 The kids were already in bed when we remembered that Lauren and Benjamin got a package in the mail. So, up they come to open presents :)
 She was just a little excited :)
 Poor Hudson.  I think he was already asleep when we told them all to get back up....they had only been in bed for about five minutes.
 Benjamin got some nice shirts and a book.

 I woke up one morning and saw Hudson already up and dressed.  He was just sitting on the balcony listening to music.
 It looks like it might rain today...the boats have headed out to sea I suppose.
 The flowers are blooming in our complex.

 This one is all over the place!  It actually is a flower that grows on top of the trees in the picture below.  They are all over the city right now.

 Katherine said these smelled like the good smelling bathroom spray :)  I thought it smelled more like honey.  Regardless, it smelled nice.
 I had leftover icing from Benjamin's cake, so Katherine made cupcakes and each of the kids got to decorate four.