Saturday, June 9, 2018

Fitz and Family

 Hudson had his first taekwondo test! He did so good! ... and he passed! :)
 Benjamin and I had a mother/son date...He wanted to eat breakfast at McDonald's.
 He also found this cute little kitten at a pet store. He used his own money.  So, I guess we should welcome Fitz to the family.
 He was so excited to bring this little one home :)
 He had me hooked from the beginning...look at that cute little face :)
 Benjamin likes the "bullseye" on his side.
 The kids donated some toys and stuffed animals.  We mailed them out to a really poor village.  The guy that we mailed them to sent me a few pictures.  This little boy picked out Regan's giraffe.
 Look at these little ones lined up to get a stuffed animal.  So cute.
 Regan was doing her school work in the floor so that the new kitten could sleep in her lap.
 Katherine is so talented.  She decide to make an apron for herself.  She did this with no pattern at all!  She just figured out what she wanted to do and tried it.  It turned out really cute!  Now my young chef has a super cute apron to cook in.
 The moon was so pretty this night.  It's hard to capture it on a phone, but that's ok.
 Lauren was playing with some slime. She decided to add star confetti to it.
 Hudson's last swim class.  He literally swam laps in the pool for 1.5 hours!  I asked him if he was hungry afterwards and he said yes.  I bet he was.  He learned so much in such a short time!
 One of our pizza classes with  purpose.  We had 4 sixth grade girls and they each had a parent.  It was a lot of fun.
 One of the moms sent this picture.  I rarely get a good one of Jonathan teaching! :)
 ONE HAPPY KIDDO!!! He received his belt and certificate!
 Regan working on her science fair project for school.  I will show you the finished results later :)
 This was Lauren's first time to dinner all by herself.  She said that she knew how to make pizza and didn't need nay help.
 I guess she was right!  I think I could get used to having a house full of little chefs! :)

 A typhoon was headed our way.  It wasn't a direct hit, but still, we had lots of rain and strong winds.  Needless to say, the puppies were not at all thrilled to have to go outside and go potty...even if we took them to a covered area, they were still getting soaked.  So when they decided to go in the house, I yelled "Who did this?" and they ran straight to Katherine for protection. Two guilty puppies not wanting to go to puppy jail...haha!
There was a short break in the rain and we saw Turbo :) The kids spent about 15 minutes playing with this little guy.

Saturday, May 26, 2018


Mother's Day 2018.  The kids got me these flowers and willingly took a picture with their mother ;) Katherine and Jonathan fixed alfredo and Katherine set the table and made it look so nice with her paper flower napkins.

 Lauren made this card...
 Hudson gave me this card....Be Good he says...haha
 And Katherine made this cute card.
 The dogs felt left out of the Mother's Day picture so we took one more ;)
Lauren and Shadow
 Yoyo and Winter are growing up so fast!
 Little Phinheas and Lauren...she was so happy holding this baby!

 One of my best friends here had her first baby!! Congratulations to Daniel and Hillary!
 I had a hard time imagining this little baby inside all of these blankets! It's 95 degrees outside!
 such a sweet face! Rei Qian or Joseph :)
 Regan got to hold the baby, too! The hospital sign said no children 18 and under allowed....but Hillary said that she looks like an adult. haha
 Look at those tiny feet.
 I am so happy :)

 The pet shop next to Benjamin's guitar class had a cat with little kittens.  Jonathan said they look like rats...haha.
 Just in case you want to protect your eyes from the screen time...hmmmm.
 The Littles (as I call them) studying clothing. I think they had fun. Anna
 This look.  I get this look often from this girl when she reminds me how "not little" she is anymore ;)
 pizza class....good to get to know this mother and daughter!
 This kid is doing awesome in his swim class!  He can now swim the length of the pool without any help! Go Hudson!
 Regan had a black belt performance. She did great!  I only have the video though.  I snapped this picture as she was walking to the center.
 Katherine decided to draw our family :) so cute!
 Hudson having class.
 Katherine had an artistic wave come over her and just went to town one day.  She had some really great ideas.
 Christmas tree anyone?
 Hudson decided this week that it was time to learn how to ride his bike without training wheels.  He can go a short distance, but gets a little scared.  He is determined to keep trying. Yeah!
 Pretty moon. Pretty sunset.
 Hudson's coach gave him a certificate for swimming across the pool!
 So the pool in the complex opened today for an "event"  They released tons of fish in the swimming pool for everyone to try and catch!
 The kids had a blast!
 And these were not gold fish!  These guys were huge!
 And these smiles are huge!
 They caught 10 altogether!
 We gave 3 away, cooked 2, and still have 5 that we are trying to figure out what to do with them.
 I love this.  Regan was helping Hudson with his belt before his VERY FIRST belt test!!  He was SOOOOOO excited!

He did great! He passed the test!! He's never been so excited.  WE celebrated with ice cream afterwards.