Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Snow in July

 Regan and Benjamin are back from camp.  They had a great time and have both talked nonstop for days about it.  Fitz missed Benjamin and Gracie was just glad to get to come back home after staying a week at the vet.
 The girls came with me to bring Gracie home (and to get Fitz his last shots)
 She looks so much better and was so happy to curl up next to Katherine.
 The day after the kids got back (and being exhausted from late nights and early mornings) Benjamin had his next belt test.  He did great and passed! Now he is a red and black belt!
 He was happy and sweaty! I don't think I have ever seen him sweat so much.  Between camp and this he was ready for a good night's sleep that night!
 The landlord finally agreed to fix PART of the floor in our schoolroom. Water had come in last year during the typhoon and it had gradually been getting worse and worse, to the point that when you stepped it made a loud pop and you sunk several inches into the floor!  It was quite the endeavor to move out all of our bookshelves, books, desks, etc...but I'm happy that the floor is not quite like it was before.
 Regan brought me a souvenir from Taiwan.  :)  Sweet girl.  Who knew they had things like this there
 The World Cup has been a huge deal here.  People ask me about it all the time and are shocked when I say that I haven't been watching it.
 I prefer watching this girl play soccer!  She had fun and we did, too. Although, we barely survived the bird sized mosquitoes out there!!
 There was an adult match afterward and one of the players asked for a picture with Katherine.  He then sent it to me.
 Now that it's summer and we are all back together, it was time for me and the kids to visit some friends!!
 Yoyo had this message waiting for us when we arrived. I think she only mentioned the girls because the younger girls were having a sleepover, too!
 Regan decided that she should act famous...haha!
 Then for the fun surprise...snow in July!!  There is a new place that has snow making machines inside and you can play in the snow as long as you want.  They had you put on leg warmers, snow boots, gloves, and jackets.
 helping her little brother who was not too sure about the idea of snow...he ended up loving it!
 group photos before we play

 and many happy kiddos!
 Lauren and Yoyo tried for a long time to build a snowman.  This was about as big as he got.  The snow was just not wet enough to pack well, but they had fun trying! You could still make good snowballs ;)
 This was Hudson's favorite spot to play....under the snow making machine.
 Winter was seeing how many "snow sandcastles" she could make.
 A great little toy for making the perfect snowball
 Xiao Jun trying to be nice to Regan in hopes that she won't be hit with a snowball :)
 I like this one. They had so much fun in the snow.
 Benjamin asked to be buried in it. The kids had fun trying to help him.
 Yes, I went sledding, too ;)
I survived :)
 Katherine and Lauren about to race
 Regan sledding
 Katherine got hit with a snowball.
 Watch out Hudson!  Boys will be boys.  Hudson though it was funny and got snow to throw back at his brother.
 Me and Xiao Jun
 getting her arsenal of snow ready
 my mini me is getting older
 Regan just nailed him with a snowball :)
 attempting to do snow angels
Benjamin trying to build an ice window
 After 3 hours it was time to leave and warm back up....and let the snow melt off Katherine's head :)
 The snow playground was inside an arcade.  Each of the kids had 20 tokens to spend on games.  Katherine hit the jackpot on her very first game!
 The place was mostly grabber nabber games, but this was a new one for me.  Yes, those are bouncy balls and LIVE TURTLES!  I really didn't think they would win anything because you rarely win at grabber nabber games, right?  Well, let's just say I will spare you a picture of ALL our new turtle friends, but the names I remember are Wave, Crush,  and Bing. There's a total of 12 so please forgive me that I can't remember them all. It was really the strangest thing ever.  We were rescuing them, right?

 Benjamin won a Batman in one of the games as well!
 Afterward we went to eat hot pot (a restaurant where you boil your food in the middle of the table)
 It was really good.  They didn't have a salad bar, but had a spice bar to flavor your food.  The kids enjoyed it and we had to order seconds of this meat because Benjamin loved it!

 squid and quail eggs
 Katherine loves shrimp.  She was so excited when they brought these out...and then we realized they they were still alive!  Benjamin's was running a hundred miles a minute in the air and he said, "Somebody take it! I don't want it!" I know they like things fresh here, but really, I'm ok if you kill the food before you bring it to me.
 Lauren talking to her turtle (at the dinner table) about what a good dancer he is.
 So, at this restaurant, not only did you eat there, but they did your nails there for free! The girls loved it....and the boys patiently waited :)

I was a little nervous about going home on the train because I didn't know if they would let the turtles on or not. Hudson made sure his had a seat by the window.
 The girls had a sleepover...
 took lots of pictures...
 ate out again...
 had a picnic...
blew bubbles at night...
 and eventually came home.  they were stuck in traffic for hours so they read many books.
and it was raining
 They made it back just in time for dinner.I'm not sure we can squeeze any more people around the table.
 Katherine loves Scout and he loves her.  She decided that he would look cut win her glasses.
Hudson is enjoying the responsibility of caring for his turtle. Ayi said that she loves all the animals and that she doesn't have to pay to go to a zoo or aquarium because she could see them all at our house. HAHA!
 We got books and school books in the mail this week!  Everyone is very excited about them!  This little kids book is super cute.  It's called Swirly and is about a kid from one country who grows up in a different country.  I recommend for any family with third culture kids or for anyone else who wants to understand how  a third culture kid feels. Super cute.
 It's time for some hair cuts again!

 After her haircut...she convinced them not to dry her hair all the way :)  I didn't get another picture because she went off to taekwondo class and then the next day she left for another camp (this time as a helper)
 I did get a picture of this girl afterward on the way home.  What is happening to my little girl?  She doesn't look so little anymore.  She still has a style all her own though :)
Katherine and Lauren were the ONLY two brave enough to try and swim.  The water was so cold!! It's been storming for days and the sun was still not out and pretty windy, but they didn't care.  They only lasted an hour before Lauren's lips turned blue and we decide that we should head back and warm up. :)