Thursday, November 9, 2017

Halloween, Hudson, and Hard Work

 Well, all of Regan's hard work has come to this one moment...her black belt test!  She was a little nervous and  a little excited, especially since she has had a hurt foot for the past 7 months.  She had to break 4 boards (all different kicks), break a board with her hand, remember all of her routines, and pass the fighting.
 10 kids got to take the test
 Isn't she cute?! She had to wait almost a week for the results to come in to see if she passed.  SHE PASSED! She is getting her BLACK belt!!!  She was one of the 8 kids who had passing scores.  We are so proud of her.  Now she waits again for all of the paperwork to get back form Korea.
 Look at these two! They matched and didn't even plan it.
 Like father like son
 The kids made some Halloween sugar cookies. We didn't realize that it had been about a year since we had made cookies together!
 Even Shadow got in on the action...flour on a black dog. HAHA!
 Daddy took her to dance class this time.  Ever since, all I have heard is how much Lauren looks like her daddy! :)

 Hudson, and well most of the kids, prefer Scout over Shadow.  He's just so floppy for a dog.  So cute
 It dropped down to 78 on Halloween and this girl looked cold! Come to find out later that day that she was just trying to hide part of her costume.  She had me fooled ;)
 So thankful for little surprises in the mail to make holidays fun (and for a husband who loves to cook!)
 And the Halloween fun begins!  Yes, we still dress up, and the kids have to know on the bedroom doors to get candy from us :)

 Evie from Descendants 2
 A Roman Soldier
 Disney's Elena of Avalor
 Uma from Descendants 2
 Nick Wilde from Zootopia
 The original Mr. Incredible outfit
 Obi-Wan Kenobi
 mixed opinions...either Toothless from How to Train a Dragon or a bat
 Hudson's birthday is the day after Halloween, November 1. It happened to fall on a Wednesday this year and so we were waiting until the weekend to celebrate with a party. He was so excited that he got a package on his birthday and a present from Katherine.
 He got E.T., which he said was scary, but really funny. His favorite part is when the little girl screams and then E.T. screams.
 His local fruit cake on his real birthday!
 Jonathan and I managed to squeeze in a date.  WE explored a new area of town and found a delicious Indian restaurant.

 Katherine now gets bussed to soccer practice every week.  I asked if I could come this week to watch. She was so excited! I miss getting to see her practice every week.
 This place was waaaaay out there! It was literally in the middle of nowhere (if that's possible for where we live)
 The fields were awesome though!  They put a lot of effort into making it a good place for the kids to play.
 Look closely...there is another girl on Katherine's team now!
 Hudson's Spiderman cake for his party!
 we are trying to get the dogs used to a leash.  They are still young.  They actually do really good off a leash when there are no distractions around, but if school is out and the city is hopping, then all bets are off :)

 Katherine found this bug on our balcony. It's an interesting little guy.
 Here they are examining it. :)
 Lauren's rollercoaster.
 We've been working on his room this week. He wanted a picture of his megaphones before he parted ways with them :) He's quite the sentimentalist, but I'm glad we are starting to get some order back in his room!
 These two girls have been Ayi's little helpers this week.  They have decided that they want to learn how to cook it all.
Yes, this is Katherine's the fish. :)

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Almost Caught Up

So, I realized going through my photos this week that the majority of the pictures were of the fur balls.  This is a common site these kid, two puppies, big smiles.
Benjamin is enjoying taking taekwondo again.

The kids are all watching Jonathan cut an egg in half for a demonstration.  Yes, Regan always covers her ears when she is afraid ;) haha! No, he didn't cut himself.
So cute...this is about the only time they are not getting into some sort of trouble.  Right now, we are working on training them to STAY OUT of the KITCHEN!
This cutie decided to make her own craft.  She did so good.
Benjamin and his two favorite things...his iPad and his dogs :)
Katherine asked for a shelf on the top bunk of her bed for her glasses, water bottle, and picture frame of her friends in America.
Schoolwork is much more fun with a dog in your lap.
Regan and I went on a bike ride. We logged 10.5 miles.  It was a lot of fun and just took a little over an hour.
We got a package in the mail. Unfortunately, a rat ate through the box on the way over here and ate all the Reeces Peanut bitter cups!  Yikes!  I think this is the slowest I have ever opened a box.  I just wasn't sure if it was still in there or not.
The puppies had their first bath!
So these next few pictures need some explaining.  I took Regan to a doctor in Hong Kong. The office building had a lobby with about 8 elevators. This in itself is nothing unusual.  It was the getting up to the office that was strange.  First, instead of pressing an up button, you typed in the floor you wanted to go to.
Then it told you what elevator to wait at.
When you got into the elevator, there were NO floor buttons because it already knew what floors to stop at!  It was a little cool and a little disconcerting....I kind of like having all those buttons on the inside. Strange. So strange. (and a little cool once you get used to it)
The next Hong Kong change? McDonald's. Gone are the days of ordering from a person.  No you ordered and paid at the line of machines and it gave you an order number.
See? No registers! Just the workers passing out the food.
This is not new. I just always forget.  All the McDonald's are underground.  If you are not careful, you will miss them! :)
Walking the streets of HK
This is a new one...a map ONLY in Braille.
Haha! "Take it easy!"
The view is always good by the water.
Waiting on the ferry
the babies
Look who can get on the couch all by himself now!
Ok, this is a little ridiculous. This is a REAL teeny tint washing machine....for $1,000 dollars!!! Really? Just get a real washing machine. Do you know how many loads of laundry I would have to do it this were my washing machine?
We went to visit a friend at her home. This is the view from her balcony.
Eating lunch together!
Our first time to have homemade "Jian bing" You eat it kind of like a tortilla...but it's a little sweeter.
Lauren and Hudson playing cards with Daniel
A quick selfie as we were literally RUNNING to catch the ferry! WE got off at the wrong bus stop and had to run to the ferry...we had 3 minutes to get there, buy tickets, and board! I don't know how we made it, but we did!
Playing games on the boat
exploring the island in the middle of the city (me and Hillary)

A random miniature track right in the middle of the sidewalk
Hudson and Daniel
That's my kiddos....always climbing trees!
Just the two of us (well, in the picture anyways)
Riding the subway
SURPRISE! Katherine's fish had babies!!  Who know how many there actually were, but we managed to find and scoop out 7 of them.
Katherine bought a new lipstick with her birthday money.
Regan working on her science experiments...getting a paperclip to float.
WE bought a baby gate for the kitchen...hmmm, it isn't working quite like I planned.
It's rarely just me and Benjamin out and about, so we decided to try a new ice-cream stand. It was really good...tasted like American style ice-cream.
Vet visit #2
Family Day Out
Random tigers at the park
The park was FULL of people and many of them were flying kites!  If you look closely, you can see tons of kites in the air!
Katherine and Lauren having fun

The other kids chose the paddle boats (well, the were "too big" for the floating ball on the water)
This just made me smile.  She is so little, but she already has the picture taking pose down.
Hudson playing on the playground
Katherine playing with the little kids on the sand (which is unfortunate because she came home with a terrible rash!) We are assuming that it was some kind of sand flea.  Poor baby. I would post pics but she is ten now and that would be embarrassing so I will not...just know that she is itching all over and covered with red bumps.
Jonathan and Benjamin went on a road trip for the day, so Mommy and the other kids went out to eat :)
Happy kiddos
Katherine loves noodles
Hudson got a birthday present in the mail!  He says its a police car and a stolen car, haha!