Saturday, September 23, 2017


 So, Jonathan and I were going on a date. I thought it was going to be a short "shopping date" to get a few things we needed without kiddoes, but he surprised me with a really nice dinner. We ate a The Chop House. Bread and Caesar Salad
 Prime Rib with Au jus and creamed spinach...The only bad part is that I couldn't finish it all!  I left so stuffed!
 One last Family Bowl!! We had so much fun.

 Katherine and Lauren went to an "un-slumber" birthday party.  They were to wear their pjs and it was from 6pm until 10pm. They had so much fun with these girls.
 AND they made tye dye pillowcases!!
 Katherine and her best friend Emily...We are going to miss this girl!  As soon as we got back, Katherine had a letter in the mail...yes, the snail mail! :)
 Katherine went with Emily and her family to Lake Winnie in Chattanooga.

 And this group of girls!!!  We miss them so much already!!  They lived down the street from us and would come over and play after their schoolwork was done. So many memories and new friends!
 Alissa and Regan
 Ashleigh, Alissa, Regan, Lauren, Julianna, and Katherine
 Corina and Kelly
 Julianna and Hudson
Best Buddies!

Tye Dye and Dollywood

We have started a tradition...tye dye shirts every 3 years with Marsha and Judy!  Marsha made sure that we were well protected...gloves and gowns for all :)

 The shirts turned out so good this year.
The kids went swimming in the ice cold pool.
 We went to meet Marsha's dad and he gave the younger kids a ride on his tractor.
 Katherine had fun in the kitchen with Judy. They made cookies, rice krispy treats, and spaghetti.
 Regan and I set a world record.  We completed an entire scrapbook album in 2 days of Marsha and Judy's trip to Ireland.
 We got an early Christmas present.  Marsha and Judy took us all to Dollywood!  The kids had so much fun!! You can guess what was Hudson's favorite part...the cars.

 Regan, Lauren, and Benjamin on the Scrambler
 Me, Hudson, and Katherine on the Scrambler
 Jonathan and Hudson doing the bumper cars
 They LOVE this water ride! They rode it twice (and I watched twice) :)
 Me and Lauren on the Ferris Wheel
 The kids on the "baby freefall" Hudson said it was fun.
 Hudson and I rode the airplanes (I got a little dizzy)
 Hudson got his first bee sting and had to go to the clinic in Dollywood. His poor little finger was all red and swollen.  He "couldn't use his hand all day" because it hurt.
 Love seeing their personalities on this ride.  All of my girls are thrill seekers, but have different response on the ride. Katherine is my screamer on rides. Haha!
 Holding his hand on ice while Marsha holds his drink :)

 See, one hand.

 Hudson rode his first big boy roller coaster! It even went backwards!

 These girls were the only ones brave enough to ride Drop Line (38 story free fall...see pic below) and they did it TWICE!

 He had so much fun!!!
 Aren't we cute :)
 We celebrated four birthdays!  Katherine had the Ice Age cake...
 Regan had Star Wars...
 Hudson had Money...
 And Jonathan had Spider-Man.
 Regan and I made matching shirts.
 Hudson got a cash register for his birthday. He LOVES it!
 Regan got some pretty awesome Prisma colored pencils.
 The kids loved on all four dogs.
 Lauren and Sophie
 Hudson got to sit in a big rig.

 Jonathan said he looks like the Hulk. Haha! This was a CRAZY fast ride!

 Poor Lauren and Katherine got cut out of most of the pictures because they ducked!
 Close up of the birthday cakes...and they tasted wonderful!!!!
 Katherine's tye-dye shirt
 Hudson's shirt
 One of Lauren's....she also did an "ice dye" shirt.

 Hudson and Marsha
 Judy and Katherine and Sophie
 Katherine and Molly (She was my favorite of the dogs)
One last ride picture....check out the veins in Benjamin's neck!