Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Catch Up

 Here are some of the highlights from the last little bit!  The kids enjoyed carving pumpkins!  They were hilarious with it.  The little girls thought the inside of the pumpkin was so gross and funny.
 We met Auntie Em at her place, so that we could all go out together.  Just in case you can't figure out what everyone is...Katherine in the red ant, Emily is sushi, Regan is Pocahontas, Benjamin is a ninja, and Lauren is the ballerina. The kids got so much candy!  Last year they all dressed up as Daddy and I gave them each apiece of candy.  What a change to this year!  I think they had at least 10 pounds of candy between them :)
It was even more special that their best friends came to Emily's house, too.  It was a fun evening and ended with a little vegetable soup for dinner....helps to offset all the candy ;)
 An unexpected surprise was that the Nina and Pinta came to town.  I am so thankful that they have gotten to see so much that goes right along with what they are learning in history this year!  They will never forget some of the hands on learning they have gotten to do.
 The highlight for Little Lauren....she just loves baby Sarah Ann and her best friend Bryan.
Kayla and Regan getting to hang out at the park together.  It seems like yesterday that I was taking a one month old Regan to meet her new best friend in the hospital.  They are turning into little ladies so quickly!
 You just can't live in East Tennessee in the fall and not go to the mountains to see the beautiful leaves.  It was a perfect day!  The kids were hoping to see some animals this time and they got more than they bargained for!  I think ALL the animals were out enjoying the beautiful weather!
 Love this!  This is a glimpse at their little personalities!  They stood that way all on their own. 
 Mama bear and her two cubs....I am so glad we got to see them! 
These are just two of the MANY deer we saw that day.
The weather has turned really cold and the kids all got their wish!  They have been asking for footed pajamas ever since we got back to the States in July.  Apparently, this is something that they have been missing about America.  Who knew.  I'm so glad that Target sells adult ones!  Regan would have been so sad if she didn't get them like everyone else.  I may have to buy some more to take with us ;) 
Grandmommy came to visit for a few days. Mom and I were able to go out and do a little early Christmas shopping for the kids.  It was a good time and the kids always love seeing their grandparents in person!
This place has become a favorite of my kids!  McKays Used Bookstore is a dream come true for them, thousands of books and all in English!  I still have to be careful in here.  We could spend a small fortune ;)
 Look who is at the mall already!  Yes, yes.  I know it's really early, but their are absolutely no lines right now!  So, we already saw Santa and now "Santa's helpers" know what is actually on the wish list!
 Sometimes I wonder what is going on in their little heads.  I just love some of the looks on their faces.
 I wasn't sure if Katherine was actually going to talk to him, but she finally said (very softly) what she wanted.
What a change 9 years can make.  She cried and cried the first time she saw Santa :)