Saturday, June 17, 2017

Kid Swaps

We have had lots of fun and driving for multiple kid swaps.  Regan had a fantastic time at camp.  We hear something new every day about camp.  We are so thankful that she was able to go to Global Youth Camp this year.  While she was gone, Hudson wanted his turn to stay with Granddad and Mammy.  I told him that he said that he isn't want to stay so we hadn't planned a time.  He said, "Well, I do as long as Mom is with me." So, the two of us stayed behind to wait for Regan to get back from camp and he was able to have "his" time with Granddad.  And this buggy was for ONE item! (and lots of smiles from Hudson)
I love seeing them bale the hay.  It is so pretty out in the fields with the blue skies.
We took Hudson to a park.  He enjoyed the truck the most.
He was so proud that he made it to the top of the mini rope climb.  It really is a big feat for him.
I came across this photo of when Hannah Odom and Regan first met.  I had to put the pics side by side to see how much they have both changed!
We went bowling with the Moore family.
Sarah Ann
best friends
Benjamin and Nate (also best friends)
The girls and their daddy's had one lane.
Katherine (They turned the lights out about halfway through our game.  The kids thought that was cool.)
Katherine and all her crazy hats
Hudson conned Marsha into playing Monopoly.  She didn't know how serious he is about the game (or how long it could take) haha!
So Kayla came to stay with us and Benjamin went to stay with Nate.  The girls asked it we could eat Red Lobster.  It didn't take too much convincing.
playing Heads Up
We Hung a sheet in Regan's room and made a little mini theater. What a fun idea!

I like this butterfly! The top and bottom picture are the same butterfly.  I think it is so unique!

Kayla's first trip to the aquarium and she almost gets eaten by the shark!

I like this one of the starfish, too.  It was climbing the side of the take and you could see so much detail.
Can you see the baby seahorses?? They are inside the grass.
Now can you spot one? So tiny!
We always love the otters! They are so much fun...always so playful.

petting a snake
After we swapped kids back, we went to Riverbend for Faith and Family night.  There were several outdoor concerts and plenty of food and fun by the river.  We heard Jamie Grace, Sidewalk Prophets, and Crowder among some others. Katherine was also popular walking down the streets with her frozen water ;)
And I was one happy has been ages since I have had a funnel cake!

such a good big sister to help her see

Hudson was "playing his guitar" during the entire Crowder concert....he said he likes that kind of music ;)

 We went back to the aquarium with my sister.  I am surprised at how every time you go, you can see something new.
 Hudson checking out the river giant.
 Benjamin petting the stingrays.

 Me and my sis

 Hudson is afraid of butterflies.  We have come here enough that he asked Lauren to help in catch one to hold. I'm so glad that it didn't fly off right away!
 He said, "Now I am not afraid anymore. (pause) can you take it back now?" :)

 It looks like the shark is about to get Benjamin :)

 Ashley, Uncle Jay, and Aunt Kim
 Regan decided what she wanted to spend her souvenir money on for our trips...a teal penguin! She loved it and then questioned if she should get it because her daddy thought it looked silly :) and carried it around the gift shop for about 10 minutes. In those 10 minutes about 5 other ladies picked up a similar one and went crazy over it.  She said, "See. It's not just me that likes it! He IS cute." and bought it. I'm glad she did.
 Dinner before Aunt Kim and crew headed back to Atlanta.