Friday, May 15, 2015

A Family Full of Personality :)

 Lauren and Katherine's dance teacher sent me a couple pictures to my phone this week.  Dance is one of my favorite classes that the kids do, not because it is fun for me (because I don't ever get to see anything), but because I love to see how much they love it.  Lauren dances ALL the time!  Every time I turn around she is twirling and dancing, whether in the house, outside, or in a class.
 Katherine joined Lauren this semester in dance class.  Katherine has a blue dance outfit because she needed a bigger size, but all these girls are Katherine's age, but size wise closer to Lauren :)
 Our fun loving friend hanging out with Lauren.  She says that she was a lot like Lauren at her age.
 Yes, if you know Hudson at all, you will know that he is always wanting your phone and he will take at least two thousand pictures of everything and everyone he sees.  Someone was brave enough to let him use their phone.  They said, "Oh, I can just delete them later."  The next time I saw her she said that she would not let him do it again because it took her almost 2 hours to get all the pictures off her phone. I tried to wan her :)  He is still banned from our phones unless we have it locked on one app for him to play.  We learned our lesson after we found out that he called SEVERAL people in America and sent multiple text messages...he has quick little fingers! :)
 The kids and I needed to take the bus to go meet Jonathan.  This was the snapshot BEFORE it got crowded.  I'm just glad all the kids made their way off at the right stop.  It can be a challenge to get to the door when it is this crowded.
The kids were so excited when we found this McDonald's.  They said that they thought they were back in America because it had a drive-thru.  They were so funny.  They ran up to the speaker telling them in English that they wanted ice cream and chicken and fries.  They said, "I bet it even has a playground like America!" 

 THEN, we enter the McDonald's and sure enough they had a playground...but we are DEFINITELY NOT in America.  It was the smallest little slide.  Even Lauren was to big to enter the playground.

 So, the kids continued my Mother's Day surprises this week.  They made me some heart shaped chocolate chip cookies.  It's a good thing Jonathan made one, too, because they smelled too good and the kids couldn't resist eating the cookies they made :)
 Mr. Personality

He dressed himself.  The outfit was all him and you can really see his personality in these pictures.  He is so funny!

 Katherine decided to give me her birthday list WELL in advance this year.  I thought it was too cute and very her.  I will help you to interpret the pictures...a pink bike, a pink helmet, American Girl doll Felicity, American Girl doll Saige,  a cutting board, a clear ruler (for use with the cutting board), fabric, a smock, 1 easel, 10 canvases, 4 paint brushes, 1 black poodle, 10 tubes of paint, 1 flower shaped pallet, 3 boxes of popcorn, and 3 big boxes of seaweed.  Yep!  That's my girl. :)
 They all made me special little cards for Mother's Day.

 Hudson got his first turn at making bacon with Daddy.  Bacon is his favorite and he looked awfully cute in Jonathan's Tennessee apron.

 Katherine cracked me up.  She saw the Hulk and immediately went over and posed in front of him.  Of coarse, Daddy couldn't resist getting in on the action..haha!  I wasn't the only one taking pictures by the way...I'm sure these pictures have already spread through the world wide web :)

 Lauren's teacher sent these pictures and some videos to me.  Apparently, the police came to do a demonstration for all the LITTLE kids.  Lauren thought it was fun.  I thought it would have been scary as a kids.  They had a guy (all padded up) come running into the school swinging an ax and the police showed the kids all their techniques to take him down.

If you look closely, you can see Lauren in the front of the picture.

And THIS. This is how we end every day.  Hudson wrapping his arms around my neck and falling sound asleep.  It's not the clearest picture but considering all there was was a nightlight, it turned out pretty good.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Warmer Days

The warmer weather has arrived.  While that means we spend a lot of time outside, it also means that the kids want a break from the heat at times.  This picture just made me laugh.  They were all around the computer eating a snack and watching a movie together.

My boys got a haircut this week.  Benjamin really wanted to keep his hair long, so he just got a trim.  In the summer time here, they like to shave the boys' hair.  I had to tell them scissors only when I went in.

This was the first time Hudson has gotten his hair cut here.  He had fun...and was super cute getting his hair washed :)

The boys had chairs next to each other.  Once they put the cape around Hudson, he just looked like a little head in the chair..haha!

I was able to pick this beauty up from school early and have some time with just the two of us.  We went to McDonald's for a sundae.  She has been asking questions for weeks now and we talked for about an hour and she decided that she wanted to become a Christian. :)  Happy Day :) 

A little race car action on the Wii
Katherine and Hudson going to release our frogs.  In school, the kids caught many tadpoles to watch them grow into frogs.  We had seven tadpoles and this week we released the last one!
Hudson is enjoying school as well.  He loves working on his ABC's and his fine motor skills are improving :)

I'm not sure if this is how skateboards, jump ropes, or helmets were intended to be used, but they sure were having fun!  I think next time the one being pulled should be wearing the helmet ;)
Oh, here are two of the newly released frogs.  They were so tiny!
Regan got an early Christmas present. I had bought her some shoes for Christmas when we were in the States with Hudson's adoption.  I realized this week that she just could not wait that long.  Her poor other shoes had actual holes in both shoes!  She was very excited to get shoes and especially since they were her two favorite colors.
And this is how we walk the dog in our house (well, sometimes)  Benjamin on rollerblades and the dog running along.  The dog actually loves it this way because he can run as fast as he wants and the kids can keep up.