Monday, November 24, 2014

School Field Trip (and Charlie)

 I just haven't had a moment to sit down and download my pictures recently.  Here are a few in random order.  I would like to point out that Charlie the cat is well loved.
 You know that you are loved when Lauren willingly shares her WaWa with you ;)
 Benjamin and I had a mother son date.  We were both very excited to have this rare drink with our lunch.  We had a good time just the two of us and even got a little Christmas shopping in.  I wanted to get him something while we were out (like an ice-cream cone or something) but he said all he wanted was one pair of socks because his others are too small.  I got his foot measured and, indeed, he needed some bigger socks. Do not fear...I bought him more than 1 pair (although he insisted that he could just keep wearing the same pair every day)!
 Oh, it's field trip time!  The always give out these crazy hats for everyone to wear on the field trip.  It was around 74 when we left that morning (hence the required sweatpants and jacket), but was definitely in the 80's by the time we arrived.  I soon took off her jacket so that she only had long sleeves on.
 What would a field trip be without a mother daughter selfie :)
 All the kids starting to line up...boys on the left, girls on the right, and parents on either side.
 We were ready for our 3 legged race!!
 The kids in line for the obstacle course.  I love how they are very careful not to get in each other's personal space ;)  Not a single kid seemed to notice.
 Climbing through the rope tunnel.
 walking across the path made of swings
 the rope tunnel in the back and a rope swing on the right
 We found out that we were to make our own lunch at the place!  That was a sight.  They had already divided the kids/parents into groups and then you had to figure it out.  The poor mom on my team....she was stuck with the foreigner who has no clue what to do with all the stuff and a bunch of dads.  The kids were helping to rinse the veggies.
 Here is a picture of everyone cooking.  My eyes were burning so bad because you had to build your own fire and all the smoke got trapped under these roofs.
 Yes, that is smoke not sunlight making the photo look like this.  We got our fire going and "my" team started cooking. (I just took pictures and did some simple things)
 Lauren's favorite part of the day...she got to go fishing!!  Well, I guess you could call it that.  She got to be the first one in and had a blast running after all those fish with a net...poor fishies.
 Here we are eating our lunch.  Lauren told me that it wasn't very good...haha!
 Some of Lauren's friend's admiring the goldfish that she caught.
 The pool quickly filled with kids! This one kid kept catching the same dead fish and bringing it over to his mom.  It was quite funny.  Like I said...poor fish.
 Another parent graciously gave Lauren a change of clothes.  She was drenched after fishing...but she sure had fun!!  Next the nose on the angry pig.
 All the kids were given a kite and had a blast.  I loved it, too, but I told Jonathan to remind me to take a backpack next time for all the stuff they give the kids throughout the day ;)

 It's on for a game of tug-o-war!
 Lauren's team won :)
 A little exhaustion setting in...

 Here are some arts and crafts that Regan did at a friend's house.
 Movie night on the bed!  I had been out with Regan.  The kids have been each getting a turn to go with me to a class I teach.  My students have enjoyed seeing the kids.
 Again...the cat is never without love :)
 Katherine and Benjamin were in a wedding.
 At first I thought that it was some random couple in the picture behind the bride and groom, but then realized it was them.  It's a little strange seeing double.
 My baby dressed herself and did her hair for the wedding.  She came straight from Taekwondo.
 So Sweet...Love this one!
 Two of my best friends here!

 For a brief moment I thought I was in Knoxville!!!  I really did a double take and try to figure out if I was dreaming...I almost started singing Rocky Top...but it it only lasted a brief moment and then all the normal sounds of life here came back to me.
Regan has been trying to get a picture with this girl for a while now.  I finally had my camera when they were together.  Sweet girls!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Drama and Halloween Fun

This is one of Lauren's new friends.  They are in the same dance class together.  She is a really sweet girl and age wise is exactly in between Katherine and Lauren.  Katherine enjoys playing with her, too, but Lauren doesn't really want to share this friend ;)
Regan doing one of the things she loves...practice writing characters!  She already can write more than I can from memory, but I'm still ahead on oral language :)  We make a good team.
A little homeschool shot.  The cat is worn out.
Speaking of the cat...Drama. Day 1: We thought "how cute" the cat found the hamster.  Day 2: I come into the room to find that the cat has knocked the cage into the floor and the hamster (aka "the mouse") is running all over the room.  I grab the cat and call for Benjamin to catch the mouse.  All is good and we take advantage of the opportunity to clean the cage real good.  Day 3: I am putting away clothes in the girls room when the cat comes prancing in with the hamster IN his mouth!!  I say Charlie's name loudly.  He drops the mouse.  It takes off running.  The cat catches it again.  (insert lots of pitiful squeaking noises here) I catch the cat.  The cat drops the mouse from about 4 feet in the air.  It runs under some stuffed animals.  I call for Benjamin who catches it in record time.  Once the hamster is safely returned to his cage, we assure Charlie that he is a very good cat and he didn't know that this mouse was a pet and supposed to be in the house.  ;)  There's always something going on in the Sheddan house!  For those of you wondering.  We have learned our lesson (finally) and the cat cannot get to the hamster anymore.
A little homeschool for Supergirl.
What is more fun than making some sugar cookies!
Yes, you do see a gingerbread man and a shamrock, but hey, why not? :)
I am fascinated to watch Lauren as she does math a completely different way than I ever did.  She is still in the local school (and also home schools)   I may get it figured out eventually.
I am glad that she is interested in learning to read!
One of my favorites...the Pirate Fairy, Super Girl, King Fergus from Brave, Tinker Bell, and Darth Vader.  What a crew!!
Even Bunny got in on the Halloween action :)
In character, of coarse.
Knocking on the doors INSIDE our home.
Jonathan was in one room, Ayi in one, and I was in the other.  The kids had so much fun getting to pretend to go trick or treating.
My friend's mom made each of the girls a bag.  They are really cute and sturdy.
This really is one of the best cats ever.  It puts up with so much.  Lauren had him sleeping on the doll bed.
The cat is definitely not lacking in the love department.
Super Girl trying out her flying skills!
This is one of my favorites.  Katherine has taken to the cat more than all the others.  I was a little surprised at first, but then I remembered that she is my mini me.
We had some beautiful clouds in the sky one day last week.  It's the first things that all of my kids noticed when we went outside.  This week has been a different story.  It's been overcast and drizzly, but it has brought a welcomed relief from the heat!