Friday, March 18, 2016

School and Fun in Malaysia!

 What can be more fun than an early birthday celebration?  Lauren was so excited that Mamaw made a strawberry cake and broke out the ice-cream 3 weeks before her birthday!
 She even got some presents....a cute little dress and three books!
 1 RM fell out of Papaw's pocket and Hudson quickly "found" it on the ground.  He got so excited when Papaw told him that it was his because he found it.  He wasted to go out right away and buy something.  You can't buy anything for 1 RM, so Mamaw took him to "the dollar store" and gave him another 2 RM to pick something out.  He chose a little minion phone and did not want anyone to help him pay!
 The ladies at the counter just LOVED him!  He was so proud.
 Lauren won the Monopoly game!  (look at the pouty face on Katherine) haha!  It was a close game.
 Lauren wanted me to swing with her.
 This was Hudson very first time to swing on a swing!  He was so scared at first.  It really used some muscles that he hasn't had to use before.  He did great, but didn't want to go too hi.
 This is my new favorite desert.  Mary made a fruit pizza and it was amazing!  I will have to try it for some of my friends when we get back home.  (the crust is cookie dough) I felt like I was eating healthy, but I have a sneaking suspicion that it is anything but ;)
 The kids went swimming and when they got back upstairs Mamaw had hidden plastic Easter eggs around the house. So, instead of showers, it was an all out hunt for candy filled eggs.  Happy kiddos.
 These are always some of my favorites...the ones they have no idea you are taking and you can just imagine what they must be thinking.
 Hudson got tired in the car and asked Benjamin if he could lay down in his lap.  This equals happy big brother :)
 Papaw decide to surprise the kids by taking them to a late night movie! (Well, late as in previews started at 7:30)  The caramel popcorn was really good!
 We owe a huge thanks to Auntie Em for telling us that there was a movie coming out called Zootopia.  The kids LOVED it (and I even caught Papaw and Daddy rolling in the floor a couple of times)  This is the FIRST movie that Hudson has actually enjoyed.  He laughed so hard, which made me laugh even more.
 It was Ma's birthday in America, so everyone said happy birthday on the phone.  Hudson wanted to read to her for her birthday.

This is Hudson's new favorite pose in his new glasses!  We went on a hunt for new frames and he fell in love with these. I don't think I would have picked them up for him, but they are so him.
 getting a picture with his new frames
 posing with Papaw
 close up with Papaw
 I love that these kids are getting to swim almost every day!
 another monopoly game
 This was the second time this Sheddan trio ended up in jail at the same time!  We decided it was a good place for a reunion ;)
 these two...
 Another surprise!! 5 days later Benjamin got an early birthday celebration!  Hard to believe that he is  "almost 11" like his cookie cake says!
 I spy a little sister in the back trying to blow out some candles! :)
 birthday boy with Mamaw and Papaw
 So, now that he has his new glasses, he gets to start patching every day.  It's his pirate patch!  He still has a pretty bad astigmatism in both eyes, but his right eye vision had gotten much worse.  After the doctor mentioned that he has developed lazy eye, I notice that when I let him play on my phone for a minute that he was turned slightly so that he could look out of his left eye only...hmmm.
 He has done great with the patch!  The first day he had a headache and he complained that he couldn't see anything, but he is "following the rules" that the doctor gave him.  First on his agenda was sending a message to Auntie Em :)
 The doctor wants him to do at least 2 hours of "schoolwork" or coloring or reading a day to really work his weaker eye.
 Ok, so this may not look exciting, but parking garages here are geniuses! When you park in a spot, the light on the ceiling turns red.  So, all you need to do is look for the green lights :)  so easy!
 The hulk has captured my children in the mall!!!!
 Run Benjamin, run!
 This was one crowded Subway, but well worth the wait.  Who can pass up buy one sandwich get one free!!?!!
 OK, so Jonathan and I passed on the deal because we had free babysitters who offered to drop us off at TGI Fridays!  Yes, please.  Table for two. :)
 They had an entire page of "Tennessee" specialties.  Yes, I felt like I was at home.

 Yes, Dad, I couldn't help myself.  I think it may have been the most expensive on the menu (or at least the page I was on) but it was sooooooooooo good!  A real steak with real American flavors!
I'm not really sure what Jonathan got, but he liked it :)
 I couldn't help but keep looking at at this outside the restaurant.  This is definitely a unique hand washing station.
 And just so everyone know....this is how my husband rides in a taxi in Asia. HAHAHA!  Trust me, it's for the best.  If he were to look, he would literally scare the driver to death and we would wreck ;)
 loving his new shirt...
 ...and wanting to pose with his brother!
 THIS. That should be enough said, but I will explain.  When we went to get into the car, this little puppy came bounding out from a bush just asking to be taken home.  The kids piled out of the car, jumped the ditch, and begged Mamaw to save the puppy! Everyone held it, loved it, and got back in the car....just in time to see the little precious puppy RUNNING after us down the street.  Hence, the sad car face from all. (Benjamin is still asking if we can go back and see if it's still there)
 We enjoyed visiting Mamaw's favorite candy store (free samples of EVERYTHING!) yes, we also bought some, but the sampling was fun!
 Now, a surprise from Mamaw (Papaw is traveling)...bowling!
 Hudson wants to know if we can bowl every day!
 So excited to bowl again!
 Regan bowling away
 two happy girls
 glad the bowl was only 6 pounds :)
 cute sisters
 She is waiting with nervous anticipation...will the pins fall?
 Lauren was so excited to bowl with proper form and know down a bunch of pins!  She was so excited!
 After bowling, we ate dinner at the stalls outside.
 You just walk around to all the different places until you find something you want to order and then they will cook it, find where you are sitting, then you pay for it.  I think the kids enjoyed eating dinner late at night outside sunder the fans.  
 eating an "ice kacang" or iced beans
 Katherine devoured her noodles.
 Regan is always such a good big sister...always helping Hudson with anything he needs. It was funny because these noodles ended up being a little spicy, so he and Lauren switched.
 beautiful young lady
 Benjamin has such a good eye for animals!  He spotted this monitor lizard on the side of the road while we were stopped a t a red light.  The kids thought it was awesome.
 Now, this place really felt like America....they had an outlet mall....with REAL outlet stores!
 my stair steps
 I really could not believe that they had a Stride Right!  I took Hudson in and had his foot measured again...lucky him...he's growing again!!!  He loved that he got blue light up shoes :)  And I am happy that they only cost 20 USD :)
 This guy was determined to take their picture :)
"Ooooooo! Lot's of Oreos!!"  It's been a fun two weeks!  I'm so glad that the kids have managed to get much of their work done, so that we could go out and make so many memories in Malaysia.  I'm sure the kids will soon be asking when we can go back :)