Wednesday, August 27, 2014

New Play Place

 Just so Doggy Bones can make another blog he is hanging out in one of his favorite spots...Benjamin's lap.  :)  I couldn't pass up the photo.  The dog has really been making me laugh recently because he's getting sneaky and the kids are more trusting of him with their food.  He will be sitting innocently on the couch and the kids will leave their snack out and come back and it's gone, but the dog "hasn't moved an inch"  He was finally caught in the act, but quickly jump back on the couch trying to look all innocent. Crazy dog.
 We have put all the finishing touches on Benjamin and Hudson's new room.  I love the Tennessee curtains.  This room used to be the little girls room.  All the girls are now in one room again (their request) and we have turned Benjamin's old room into a study/craft room/reading room/whatever you want to call it room.  I will try to put pictures up next week of that room (it is finished, too!  Hurray! just in time for school to start.)
 This was the best thing for my kids!  A new play place has opened up right down the street.  It is all ocean themed and ALL of my kids get to play!!  Usually their is a height limit or a time limit on these places, but this one lets all the kids play.  There was something for everyone!
 This was one of my personal favorites...not because it was all that fun, but because it was great seeing the kids inside the shark :)
 This was the giant slide...and yes, I went down with each of the kids.  Lots of fun.
 Lauren buried herself in the balls.  I knew she was there because I saw some people trying to take a picture.  I was just waiting for her to pop up...and she did :)
 Benjamin had a blast.  He got a little over heated and left early with a headache, but I really enjoyed watching him play and have fun.
 So this was not included in the cost of admission, but Katherine just KNOWS that she can get one.  I tell the kids every time that it's a waste of money and that they won't win, but they still hold out hope.  I let each of the kids try a couple of times.  They came oh so close, but did not win.  They did however still leave with 3 prizes.  Katherine wanted to buy just one coin with her own money to try one more time and the lady behind the counter would not let her (she said she had to buy at least 10)  One of the other workers wanted to know why they did not give her a coin and I told them, so they just let Katherine choose a prize and gave it to her.  At least we got something for our money ;)
These are two of our little friends who played with us all day.  Sweet sisters :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Clear Skies

 We have been very thankful for some clear skies recently.  The good weather just happened to coincide with the super moon.  I just love this picture.
 My friend took this picture and I thought that it would show you why we DON'T travel in country for vacation during peak travel season.  This is just waaaaaaay too many people at the beach and in the water!
 This is Benjamin and Snowball.  No, we do not have another pet (although he would love one and our friends keep offering to give him the cat)  Every time we go to our friend's house, Benjamin is attached to this cat.  I'm not sure what kind of game they were playing, but they just sat there for a long time staring at each other :)
 We haven't seen this little girl in several weeks.  When she saw us, she came running and literally jumped in my arms, wrapped her legs around me, and gave me the biggest hug ever.  I told her that we had missed her and she started kissing me all over my face.  This is not her normal, so it made us feel good that she was glad to see us.  So glad we can be a part of her life.
 Benjamin and his dog.  He was about to take the dog for a walk, but I needed a picture first.
 Some sweet friends with my girls
 Regan and I made brownies this week to share with several girls who were coming over to our house.  They were a big hit.  I only had 3 left at the end of the night.
The girls and another one of my friends.  And no, Katherine is not in taekwondo. She wants to be so she was trying on Regan's outfit.  We are going to let all the kids take it in September.  That should be interesting (and cute)  :)  I was surprised that Lauren was choosing it over dance next semester.  I think she just wants to be like her older siblings.

Monday, August 11, 2014

Several Weeks

I cannot even begin to start to tell you all of the things that have been going on lately.  Let's just say that they have kept us so busy with other things that the blog was put on the back burner for a bit.  We have had lots of things going in our city, a trip to Thailand, three trips to the hospital, got matched with our son we are adopting, and have been ordering homeschool books, etc. OH, and my camera broke (so I have to rely on stealing Jonathan's phone on occasion to take some pictures).  I am sure I left a lot out but it's a start.  The picture above was because of the biggest welcomed surprise we had....our landlord decide that he was going to install an air condition unit in our living room!  I was so excited!!!  It has been incredibly hot and humid here.  It was a welcomed relief.  The kids decided it was the perfect box to make a school bus out of...I told them that they could keep it for 1 week and then it was going in the trash ;)
 Here is the picture of the unit...I LOVE it 79 degrees!!  So nice!!  It is typically in the 90's inside our home this time of year.
A friend made some adorable little dresses for the girls' dolls.  (Lauren actually has matching dresses but was not wearing it in this picture)

We finally made it to Thailand for some much need swim time and refreshment!  The kids made several friends at the pool and Lauren learned to swim!  YEAH!
Even though we were technically closer to the equator, it did not seem so hot here.  This is my sun bathing for this girl :)  she wants to warm up under her towel.
 We ALL enjoyed American style breakfasts every day!  Katherine was a fan of the waffles and bacon.  I got an omelet almost every morning..they were SO good!
 Riding in a tuk tuk to go get some dinner one night.  This little one on the right is full of it (hence one of the hospital visits for stitches in the back of her head) She has the biggest personality.

 We ran across an Auntie Anne's in Thailand.  We decided it would be a good place to go so we stood in the long line to get our pretzels.  When we got up there to order we realized why the line was so long.  It was FREE PRETZEL DAY!  Perfect!  My dad claims that I always order the most expensive thing on the menu but this is proof that is not ALWAYS the case....I just have good taste ;)
 Of course, Katherine found a bunny....her favorite animal.
 I really couldn't believe how grown up Katherine seemed to me on this trip.  Her facial expressions and everything seemed so grown up.  She was carrying a purse, with bubble gum and a pen inside, and took care of her own luggage ALL the time (don't try to help her...she does NOT want the help)  :)
 Our family of 6 (soon to be 7) all riding in ONE little tuk tuk.  The way these kids are growing, I don't see how we will be able to do this much longer :)
 A better view of our tuk tuk.  I am not so sure he went the shortest way.  He kept driving by other drivers honking his horn and pointing back at us...and also telling everyone what we paid him.  I guess we overpaid, but we thought it was a good deal at the time.  Oh well.
 My most exciting part of the day....Krispy Kreme.  Who knew!  I had heard that they were in the town, but after spending the entire day at the hospital with tests and unplanned biopsies (everything turned out fine) We decided that we would track down this American sensation.  And yes, we bought 3 dozen...don't judge ;)
 Everyone greets each other like this, so we thought it was great that even Ronald McDonald did, too.  haha!  I love my kiddos!
 Katherine got so excited about the candy store.  I said no, no, no, no, no, too expensive, no, not buying anything...and THEN they showed me the dark chocolate M&M' could I say no to that!  So, we bought one bag to bring back with us :)
 Now that we are entering the final stages of the adoption, we are buying some things that we had not purchased yet.  We bought a mattress, pillow, and sheet set for his bed.  We also bought a little outfit and stuffed animal that we will be mailing to him shortly.  Our whole family is excited to bring him home....hopefully before the end of the year.
 And what summer day is complete if you son't have a little army men set up all over the house preparing for battle.  (the green guys won)