Wednesday, May 24, 2017

So Many Friends

 So, I keep telling myself that I am going to post more often so that there are not so many pictures to look through, but I seem to never have enough time :)  So My three girls did a 5K with Auntie Em. This was their pre-race warm up ;) to the music that was playing over the loud speakers.
 Look at that girl go!  About half way though Emily told Katherine that she could run ahead a little just as long as she could still see her.  Katherine was gone! She was so fast and LOVED every minute of it!  I would love to see what she could do if she were to train for it!
 Lauren, Regan, and Emily stuck together until they saw the finish line.  Lauren was determined to cross before Emily :)
 Hand in hand! Regan finished strong!
 These girls had so much fun with Auntie Em! (and got metals, too!)
 Marsha and Judy came to visit!!!! Hudson LOVES his Ireland shirt! He wears it ALL the time :)
 Katherine has been making little miniature portions of lemonade.  She is going to have this mastered soon! It was really good!
 We are loving all the playgrounds and parks!
 We even made some new friends! Hudson and Benjamin :)
 Katherine loves the sun! She is always asking if she (or we) can have picnic and eat outside.
 Hudson made this from for Granddmommy...I love it! "Grin mommy"
 We got a text message picture.  Our little friend, Winter, is graduating from kindergarten!!
 We found a little creek at a park!

 The otters are our favorite!
 Katherine loves all things nature and science.

 Yes. Yes, Hudson really did fall asleep at the aquarium.  Apparently the alligators were not as interesting as we thought :)
 Hudson doesn't like the butterflies, but he doesn't mind helping to identify them.
 She was hoping the entire time to have a "tiger butterfly" land on her.
 Grand mommy has a new headband :)
 YEAH! Benjamin wanted a "little" butterfly.

 Katherine lost two teeth in a week! Yeah for the tooth fairy!
 I'm loving spending hours at the ballfields!
 This is Katherine's good friend, Emily.
 Carrie and Brandon stopped by to watch the last ball game...
 and then we all went out for ice cream!!! We took MANY pictures and all of them had at least one kid eating ice cream instead of smiling :)

 Mother's Day 2017
 Me and Regan (age 13)
 me and Lauren (age 8)
 me and Katherine (age 9)
 me and Benjamin (age 12)
me and Hudson (age 7)
 my crew...Mother's Day 2017

 Love this!
 Katherine and Lauren got baptized
 Hudson sang in church.
 Papaw with Lauren and Katherine

 Jonathan, David, Emily, Mary

 Mamaw with the kids
 Emily and the kids
 Papaw and the kids

 We surprised Mamaw for her birthday!
 and then spent a few hours a splash pad

 Hudson was serving his customers in his restaurant.

 a little girls time laying in the floor and talking with Auntie Em
 such a good Aunt
 the girls made flower headbands at the party

 Mamaw was truly surprised to find out that she got an entire red velvet cheesecake from the Cheesecake Factory for her birthday cake!!! It was amazing!!
 haha! I got to be third base coach and loved every moment of it.  Jonathan said I almost got some girls out because I sent them home, but just for the record no one got out on my account :)
 The little ones got awards on Wednesday night for saying all of their Bible verses.  This is their teacher, Miss Kayla.
 We were able to meet Ms. Shannon for lunch!
 Hudson was beyond happy that he got to sit in the driver's seat! He even did the wipers and got me wet :)
 It's hard to believe that Lauren wasn't even born yet when Shannon and I started working together and Katherine was just a baby.
 These three said that they liked that Regan and Benjamin spent a few days at Granddad and Mammy's house...they were living it up in the car...reclining the seats and putting their feet up.
 Jonathan and I went through some stuff we had stored to see what we still needed and what could go into the yard sale...yes, you read the box says rocks.  life with kids ;)
 We ate dinner at Parton's BBQ.
 These two were SO happy that they got to go to the farm and pet the horses!
 The little ones saw a baby goat.
 Katherine helped clean the gutter at Ma's house (with Papaw)
 Granddad took the older two to the driving range.  They said it was harder than it looks, but had a fantastic time!
 We had lunch at Sam's.  The pizza was as big as Hudson!
 Katherine and Lauren exploring the land
 Lauren got to play catcher (her favorite position) and Papaw cheered by the fence :)
 Katherine played 3rd base in a double header.
 She got nailed in the knee and had an imprint of the ball immediately. She got right back out there and finished the game.  They finally beat Orange Crush! YEAH!
 These three were so happy that Mamaw, Papaw, and Emily came to watch them play.
 Granddad fixed hot dogs on the grill.
And that's how you fed so many mouths quickly! Mmmmm. They were good.