Monday, February 27, 2017

Birthday Weekend

 Hudson isn't going to have any teeth left if he keeps losing them this fast! haha! Three teeth in one week!!!!!
 He wanted to eat an apple to see if he could get his tooth out.  The apple made it looser, but we just ended up pulling it.  He wanted to trick his daddy, so we put the tooth back into the apple!  (see the little white dot in the peel)
Jonathan couldn't believe it...another tooth? :) 😄
One of the hazards of parenting five kids...sometimes the tooth fairy gets tired and forgets to leave the money.  His sister was so kind to help him leave a note for the second night.  He said it must have been because he used a different box.
This is "The lady in the wheel chair" that our girls love talking to!  Every time the kids go outside she has the biggest grin.  She said that she loves that our kids talk to her.
The boats were in long straight rows this day.
The kids have made some new friends.  They are the sweetest kids.  It's a family from Germany.  They started studying English 6 months ago and don't speak the local language here yet.  I wish we had met them sooner.  We look forward to more play dates with them after we get back from the States.
All the kids helped me make three different kinds of cookies.
I'm not sure what Benjamin was saying here, but he talks with his hands like his daddy.  Speaking of hands...his hands look huge here!
We celebrated my birthday early at the house.  Jonathan and the kids got me exactly what I wanted (train tickets to go back to our old city to see all of of our friends.  Plus they got me a spinning cake plate for decorating cakes.
My cake.  My youngest said, "Mom is 83! You're old!" Thanks kiddo ;)
I love my present from Katherine.  Sh his always so thoughtful and has a plan.  No one ever knows it because she uses her own money and likes to surprise everyone.  She also got me my favorite, Dove chocolate.
Lauren drew me a sweet card with our entire family on it :)
Then we all hopped on the train and headed to our old city to meet some friends for lunch.  We ate at one of our favorite restaurants.
They surprised me with some gifts, too!  Wing, made me a picture album from the first day she came to our home until now.  It's very sweet.
Soey gave me some flowers.
Bonnie gave me a Chinese dress.  I haven't tried it on yet.  She said, "I'm sorry if it's too small. A 3XL was the largest size they had." Hahahaha!
This one is one of my favorites.  I just love all those smiles and all of those people!
I needed to get in the picture, too ;)
Wing couldn't believe that Benjamin was taller than her now!
It was COLD and started raining.  These three were trying to stay dry under one very tiny umbrella :) Thankfully, the rain didn't last long.
Hudson finally got to be the driver!  He loved this car.
Lauren and Katherine thought this seesaw was hilarious!
The next thing to do was to see if they could balance the weight out.
I had such a good time seeing the kids play.
Benjamin did a flip on the monkey bars.
They all tried balancing on this "plank"
Daddy can still do flips, too!
Katherine said, "Make sure you get a side picture of me on the elephant!"
A dolphin fountain
The kids and Wing and Soey all made a chiffon cake to celebrate.  The original plan was to play at a park, but it was COLD!  So, we opened for some indoor fun.
We then went over to see Yoyo.  We brought her a birthday gift and some cupcakes since we are going to barely miss her birthday.

She was excited that we gave her a Pepsi, a 7-Up, and an orange Fanta as part of her gift....just for her  :)
It looks like someone enjoyed his cupcake!
I was then told..."We are going out to eat for YOUR birthday!" So we piled into two cars and headed to a restaurant.
Katherine was super excited because they had shrimp on a stick!

I guess these loaded out of order, but it's ok.  These next few are back at the playground and Soey's house.  They are too cute not to include :)

Here's my cake they made me.  We are laughing because it looks like a straw hat!
Wing and Soey
Soey and the girls.  Regan spent the night at her house and the other two girls spent the night with Winter and Yoyo.  That meant we could get away with one hotel room for the night.
So much fun to see the kids' hand me downs.  Two little twinkies ready for bed.

Oh my.  Sleeping (or not sleeping) in a hotel room with this cute little guy.  His mouth never stops.  He started saying how tired he was at 3pm and that he couldn't wait for bed. I'm thinking this should be nice.  Oh no, he didn't fall asleep until 11:00 and then he got up 3 times in the middle of the night "Mom. Mom. Mom! Mom! What time is it?" Really? It's dark. Go to sleep.  As soon as the sun was up, he was dressed, looking out the window, giving us a play by play of everything he saw AND didn't see.
McDonald's for breakfast.  I couldn't help, but sneak a picture during the prayer.  He was too cute praying over his "meat and eggs" (He prays just like his big sister.)
My birthday.  I went to Xiao Jun's house and they had a surprise waiting for me. Confetti galore!
And a surprise treat!  Hot chocolate and a piece of cake from Starbucks!!
Haha!  Xiao Jun was giving me a gift and then she said, "No. you can't have it.  Regan is not taking pictures anymore.  Regan! Take pictures!  Ok, now you can have it."  haha! She is too funny!
The kids decorated with balloons.
They even had their plan written out on the kitchen door.
They played a little monopoly and the boys played legos, while Xiao Jun and I talked and had fun.
We then left to meet some other friends.  Daniel has also done some growing since we left! He was so funny!  He kept trying to sit every time I got next to him.  Carry said it's because he knows I will pick him up!
We then went to get ice-cream.
Hudson lucked out....they got the order wrong and he ended up with TWO ice cream cones!

Yes, he ate them both!
Then it was time for goodbyes and to head back home.  It was a fun, fun, weekend.  We ended it by watching a family episode of Master Chef Junior on the couch and then we ALL slept in a little the next day.