Monday, July 3, 2017

VBS, Vacation, and More

 Just so you know, the pictures loaded in random order and I'm not going to go through and fix it all. This is a picture of Regan, Bonnie, and Miquela.  They were teaching the upcoming kindergartners in VBS.
 Katherine, Lauren, and Hudson enjoyed VBS.  Thursday night was bring your family night.  So, Jonathan went with Lauren.
 Katherine didn't want anyone to come with her (miss independent) so I took her picture with her friend Zeta Kate.
 The Sheddans (all of us) went on vacation to Cape San Blas, FL, for Father's Day.  We had a great time! I had no idea you could make strawberry shortcake on the grill.  It was a great Father's Day dessert. (Jonathan and his dad)
 Emily and I and the girls went on a turtle walk one morning looking for new turtle nests.  We didn't find any, probably because of the storm rolling in, but had a good time anyways.
 The evening we arrived the kids HAD to go straight to the beach.  The water was beautiful and clear. And let's just say, we had at least three kids who came back soaked from head to toe and not in swimsuits :)
 walking down the beach
 Family photo...poor Katherine was having issues with the her eyes watering and just couldn't keep her eyes open in the pictures.
 Hanging out at the rental house

 L-O-V-E {heart}
 I can't believe we got the pyramid to work!
 With the storm coming in, the kids had some great waves to ride the body boards.

 Katherine loves cooking, even at the beach.  Chocolate chip cookies anyone?
 Hudson was working on making the deepest hole he could.

 What do you do on a rainy day at the beach? Play funny games with the family.

 Emily, Mary, and David
 Kelly and Jonathan
 playing in the sand
 S'Mores over the grill

 ice-cream on a hot day

 We went to Atlanta after the beach to see my brother and his family.  We went swimming one day.

 And we watched Cars 3 later on.  We had to wait for the theater to clear out and the light s to come up a little for the picture to turn out.

 Benjamin found this sand dollar on the beach!

 How can you resist a Coke with your name on it? :)
 Father's Day dinner!  Steak and Loaded baked potato
 Mamaw and Hudson
 Papaw and Hudson

 Katherine was determined to dig a hole deep enough to be buried in.
 Waiting for our dinner
 Southern Girls...
...are like lightning bugs. Pretty to look at, hard to catch :)
 game night

 We found turtle eggs.  Unfortunately, the coyotes found them first.
 We buried 55 eggs.
 I think someone was tired!
 The rain/tropical storm couldn't stop us from having fun on vacation!
 This is the only turtle we sea turtles this time.  Well, Katherine and Regan had one swim right next to them in the ocean!

 Benjamin's sand forest
 Jonathan made a mickey mouse fire pit
 haha! Lauren was not going to pass up the opportunity to drink milk from the jug! We couldn't take it with us, so one last sip!
 My little explorer...Katherine is always curious about everything!

 Hudson and his cousin Paige
 Lauren and Paige
 Benjamin and Peyton had fun playing video games!
 Dr. Pepper and Coca-Cola :)

 Kelly, Justin, and Ryan
 I love this! Hudson was so excited to know a police officer! So cute.
 Bowling with cousins

 Ryan and Michael watching his ball knock the pins down
 This was the most unique air hockey table!
 Hudson and cars
 He was just worn out :)
 Justin and Hudson
 Tyler and Hudson
 So, I asked my kids to pick up pine cones in the yard and this is where they ended up....hmmm
 We are ready for VBS!
 The kids went to a little farm and got to see some goats.
 Lauren trying out the hammock at a friend's house.
 The kids got one of their things checked off the list of their to do's...Chuck E Cheese's
 A little skeeball
 Benjamin helped with preschool music during VBS, but on bring your family night, he and Grandmommy went with Hudson.
 Katherine's best friend, Emily, came over for the day. They did several crafts and had fun.
 They also requested Japanese food!

 Then I took just the two girls bowling (kids can bowl free all summer) It's great!
 We made it to a baby shower.  I think this was the girls' first time.

 I got a little treat, too!  New music and a new Bible!
 With all of our travels in the States, it was fun to get a text form our friends overseas!  We can't wait to see you guys!
 We finally got to meet Judson! What a cutie!

 Lauren and Ellie
It was good to see the Odoms! We had fun catching up with each other.