Saturday, July 15, 2017

4th of July and more 2017

The Fourth has arrived! The kids have been looking forward to this! This was their first time to visit a fireworks stand, but I think I had more fun than they did because they had no clue what they were looking at.
WE started off simple and classic...smoke bombs. Ha! You should have seen their faces when they lit the first one. They thought it was going to explode and then they just started laughing that it was just colored smoke.
Then they had to wait for it to get dark to do the others.
We roasted marshmallows and made S'mores.
Benjamin caught his on fire and needed to blow it out :)
Katherine had fun washing cars with Granddad!
And, oh my. Katherine was one happy girl to see this HUGE bunny.
We were all ready with our flag t-shirts on. It looks like we are all in the same color except Katherine, but actually, Jonathan and I have grey on and the other kids have on navy.  We let them pick their own shirts. It just turned out that way.
Some holiday spirit.
Yes, the kids had me put one on, too.

Yes, we had way too many glow sticks, but they were on sale. It was a package of 65 for  only $4.50...PLUS I could easily spot my kids :)
These next three are during one of the firework shows.  I thought it was crazy how much they lit up the sky!
a little brighter...
and much brighter.

"Who are you?"

The girls helped me shuck and put away 2 dozen fresh ears of corn.
They were so worried about the worm that they found in one of the ears. They wanted to know what else it could eat if they put it outside since it liked the corn so much.
We were traveling and stopped by to see Ma.  This was her last day in her house before moving.
Hudson and Auntie Em

We made it to Grandmommy's to celebrate her birthday!
The kids were so excited that six deer came into the yard during dinner! The babies were cute.
Opening presents
A bird dropped a sunflower seed in the backyard.  It actually was growing pretty well.  We had fun watching it start to open up.
Grandmommy and the kids
Me and Mom
Hudson being silly at the Chinese restaurant
What a cute cookie!
Trying out the Slip N Slide
The dire truck even made a stop to say hello! Everyone got a turn to sit in the driver's seat, but you see who ran up there first! He didn't want to get down :)

Katherine and Grandmommy making dinner
Jonathan and the kids fishing.  They didn't catch anything....unless you count Hudson hooking his daddy! :)